Logan Parker 2022


From Lisbon to London and beyond, young songstress expands her quest of making our world a little better.

Save for a slew of singles and a self-produced EP, all laid down in a fully solar-powered studio because she’s an environmentalist, there’s not a lot of music released under Logan J Parker’s name, yet hers is the name to keep an eye on – in the same measure that a tattoo on the cover of this record is. Given much swagger but revealing the chanteuse’s vulnerability as any break-up ballad should, “Fragile” has a retrofuturistic feel to its rockabilly twang, Logan’s iron-in-velvet vocals dispensing hard-hitting, infectious lines with occasional lioness’ roar over a vaudeville-like, brass-spiced accompaniment. The results of such an approach are bound to get lodged in the listener’s memory, and when Parker’s full-length album finally lands, the piece on display must take pride of place there.


February 5, 2022

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