It may seem impossible to imagine the return of LOST PLANET AIRMEN after the passing of their leader, Commander Cody, a little more than two years ago – even though the American band, formed in 1967 and dissolved a decade later, played a belated 50th anniversary show without him. Recently, however, original guitarists Bill Kirchen and John Tichy, bassist “Buffalo” Bruce Barlow and pedal steel master Bobby Black reunited once again, adding Commander’s other pedal steel peddler Peter Siegel, a veteran keyboardist Austin de Lone and younger drummer Paul Revelli, and came up with a fresh album, titled “Back From The Ozone” and released a few days back.

Of course, this record’s title holds a reference to the group’s 1971 debut “Lost In The Ozone” and “Tales From The Ozone” from 1975, while its tracks include the cover of “Ain’t Nothin’ Shakin'” which the collective used to deliver onstage in their halcyon days, as well as a number of new songs that sound just as infectious. One can never go wrong with Kirchen anyway, so there’s a lot of effortless fun on offer here.

Back From The Ozone

1. Ain’t Nothin’ Shakin’
2. Out Of My Mind
3. Feel Like I’m 21
4. Git It
5. Wine Do Yer Stuff
6. Back To Tennessee
7. I Can’t Get High
8. My Window Faces The South
9. Oh Momma Momma
10. Little Bitty Record
11. Olivette
12. On The Cowboy Trail

November 7, 2023

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