LP Holds The Line On LP Number Seven

Laura Pergolizzi, widely known as LP, didn’t make life easier for anyone, themselves included, when going for these initials when issuing their debut album “Heart-Shaped Scar” back in 2001 – and perhaps, with vinyl popularity in decline, the singer-songwriter didn’t really think of future fans trying to locate this and the following platters online and having to sift through multiple longplays to find the required record. It shouldn’t be a problem though, with LP’s forthcoming offering, “Love Lines” that’s to be out on September 29th.

The album’s title guarantees its visibility, and its opening singles “One Like You” and “Golden” (watch the videos below) should prove that the artist’s seventh full-length platter, planned for release on CD and vinyl, is another introspective classic.

LP –
Love Lines

1. Golden
2. Wild
3. Dayglow
4. Long Goodbye
5. Love Lines
6. Hola
7. One Like You
8. Love Song
9. Big Time
10. Blow
11. Burn It Down
12. Hold The Light

July 28, 2023

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