LUCIFER’S FRIEND: The Future Looks Bright

About one year ago, when it was announced that LUCIFER’S FRIEND were to return for the last time, with John Lawton at the front, nobody thought there would be something more than a few new tracks for a classics collection and selected festival dates. But first, those dates had been extended well into 2016, and then, rather unexpectedly, a new album was announced. Scheduled for October 28th release, “Too Late To Hate” is to feature a dozen cuts, of which one is live, and, quite possibly, it won’t be the last we’ll hear from the band. At least, that’s what the singer hints at.

When asked about this turn of events, John answered:
“After getting back together, minus Peter Hecht, the original keyboarder, who decided he didn’t want the stress, the putting together of "Awakening" and writing four new tracks gave us the appetite to perform together once again after all these years. We were lucky enough to be invited to perform at the Sweden Rock Festival, which proved to be a great success and provided the "Live @ Sweden Rock" CD. That gave us the kick we needed to record a new studio album which will be released in October. Having played the Rock Of Ages festival recently and the Prog Night at the Loreley Festival in Germany, things are looking good for the future of LUCIFER’S FRIEND.”

As for the album’s tracks, they are (read the review):


Too Late To Hate

1. Demolition Man
2. Jokers & Fools
3. When Children Cry
4. Straight For The Heart
5. Tell Me Why
6. Don’t Talk To Strangers
7. I Will Be There
8. This Time
9. Tears
10. Sea Of Promises
11. Brothers Without A Name
12. When You’re Gone (live)

September 3, 2016

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