“Things are looking good for the future of LUCIFER’S FRIEND, told me John Lawton back in 2016 when the band he’s been fronting on and off since 1970 were gearing up for the release of "Too Late To Hate" – the album that would catch their audience by surprise not so much thanks to its quality, which was expected, but due to the fact it followed the hints of the ensemble getting ready to bow out. The singer was right, because they don’t seem to be up to get, quoting the group’s classic, “out of sight with nothing to say”: April 26th is the day when the veteran’s new record will hit the shelves. More so, “Black Moon” – with two other original members, Peter Hesslein and Dieter Horns, on board – will see them back on stage.

Although, there’s hardly any stylistic surprises on the album’s ten numbers – what with the record’s cover harking back to the collective’s debut, as was the artwork of “….Where The Groupies Killed The Blues” – their themes are as exciting as it gets (read the review):


Black Moon

1. Black Moon
2. Passengers
3. Rolling The Stone
4. Behind The Smile
5. Palace Of Fools
6. Call The Captain
7. Little Man
8. Freedom
9. Taking It To The Edge
10. Glory Days

February 23, 2019

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