LUJURIA – Rockeando El Pavimento

Cleopatra 2017

LUJURIA - Rockeando El Pavimento

Rockeando El Pavimento

Spiraling out internationally, Argentinian ensemble distill their output for mightier impact.

There’s always something fierce about South American rock ‘n’ roll, and most of the bands that hail from the continent are of metal stripe, but these three youngsters, so full of punk energy, position themselves on the alternative end of rock spectrum and found favor with stoner players and punters during their 2016 tour up Northern hemisphere. Appeal tested, the time has come to cull the best of the collective’s three download-only albums and go physical for “Rockeando El Pavimento” which is anything but pedestrian, because the group know how to create momentum; that’s why instrumental action in “Cabaret 11 am” is rather enough, accentuating unison nuances of hysterical, and harmonic, heaviness so inherent, as “Desertor” demonstrates, to the ensemble’s delivery.

Unlike it, “Feel So High” packs a solid radio-friendly punch, “Autopista” tones the grit down to highlight the good-life quality of the trio’s trip and focus on unrelenting riffola as well as contagious refrain. As for restraint, this is what’s keeping “24” from spilling over into sheer emotionality that drives acoustic “Down” toward cosmic aloofness and orchestral grandiosity and seeps, via piano into “Intravenus” before Dohko Lujuria’s guitars kick “Ritual” off the ground. And then there’s “Voltios” which is charged so high, sparks fly from its bouncy groove and screeching chorus to grind the comp to a halt and make the ensemble a remarkable proposition. Away from California, a great breed of alt. rockers has arisen.


July 11, 2017

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