Lyric Benson Fergusson Sets Poetry In Motion


French Kissing God

A monk life is rarely conducive to writing poems and music – if your name’s not Thelonious or you’re not Leonard Cohen – but for an artist called Lyric, coming from a known artistic family to boot, that was a source of inspiration. And now Lyric Benson Fergusson is to have a book out. Titled “French Kissing God: A Journey to Enlightenment,” a part of its Kickstarter campaign is an album “Lyric’s Love Light Revolution,” – co-written by Lyric’s father, Robby Benson, and co-produced by her mother, Karla DeVito – so these rhymed narratives represent only a few facets of the lady’s talent.

Yet there’s a larger, spiritual narrative to it all, the experience Lyric’s willing to share, “to use my newly revised tongue to speak,” in her own words. The campaign is still on, although it’s reached its goal by now, which testifies to the poems’ appeal, and there are perks, of course, so it makes sense to look into it now, before the book hits Amazon and other outlets, where the album’s available already. That’s going to be quite a journey, one worth taking.

LYRIC - Lyric's Love Light Revolution

Lyric’s Love Light Revolution

The record looks like this:

1. In The Valley Of My Soul
2. Devi
3. My Heart Is The Sun
4. Lord Shiva’s Tree
5. I Am That
6. Mother Lady
7. I’m Never Gonna Let You Go
8. Let’s Live Life In Peace
9. How My Body Trembles
10. Life Is A Revolution

November 3, 2015

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