All lyrics © Dmitry M. Epstein

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Train Wreck

(an entry in the FOGHAT contest – vocal melody and voice by Yan Maximovich)

Blow the whistle,
‘Cause it’s so SNAFU.
Come and kiss all
Stations of the fool
Who walks a moonlight mile.

You can ride
To no man’s land,
Hit your stride
And try to buck a trend
And wear a knowing smile.

Train wreck –
No time to board it,
No chance to turn back:
You can’t afford it.
So cash your check
And strike a chord.

Hey, now really comes a time to play,
If your dirty feet ain’t made of clay –
Will ya oil my rail?
You can be a Queen of Parts,
Run a body shop, my engine starts,
Here you never fail.

Train wreck –
You cannot mend it.
No chance to change tack,
No time to end it.
So shake a chicken shack
And take a stand.

Keep a-rolling down the track,
And don’t be scared to break your neck.
Time to cut yourself some slack,
But never try to stack a deck.
No, no, no.

If a tunnel’s not so black,
Try to give the case a crack.
Give the engineer a sack.
Ain’t no time for a panic attack.
No, no, no.


YELLOW BRICK ROAD – "Futuremental"

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Welcome To The Scene

You see it coming,
My final ritual:
A perfect moment –
Your virtue’s virtual.
I fear no evil,
It’s only natural –
I give you free will,
The rest’s collateral.

I say, Welcome to the scene,
You’re a king of anything.

The sky gets thinner,
And lightning strikes again.
Call me a sinner –
But I still rule my den.
The sun is frowning,
I’m not a holy man.
I’ll sneak your crown in,
Just don’t ask me where and when.

I say, Welcome to the scene,
You’re future king of everything.
But it’s me behind the stage
And it’s me who turns the page.

And it’s me who reign in peace,
Enemy in golden fleece.
Golden touch, a blessed king –
Welcome, welcome to a sin.

Poison In My Well

I know the secret
of the Universe,
Feel like a sick rat
but it could be worse.
I’m riding a dragon,
my fiery horse.
They say that I am gone…

I’m gonna catch the skyline,
Spit in the face of time,
Gonna spill the wine
and break up from this piece of slime.
Gonna steal your diamonds,
I’m gonna cast a spell,
Gonna split my mind up
Spiking poison in your well.

Down in the sewers,
where the action is,
I see that you are
raising your fist.
Don’t need no wizard:
you can exist
for only reason…

You’re gonna catch the skyline,
Spit in the face of time,
Gonna spill the wine
and break up from this piece of slime.
Gonna steal my diamonds,
You’re gonna cast a spell,
Gonna split your mind up
Spiking poison in my well.

(Down The) Line Of Lies

Never thought of gloom
Till I saw ya in the room
With a stranger:
Danger in the dark.

Strategically placed
Pour a liquid bitter taste
Into my lace,
And I plug a spark –
Leave my mark.
Hear my bark.

I only see red
When you’re playing with my head,
And you can’t stop, and you don’t stop, never stop.
Look under the bed
Where the monsters lick your spread
Which you can’t top, take up your mop, till you drop.

Never felt mad,
But I’d rather be dead
Now we’re falling fast down the line of lies,
Look into my eyes.

And we fly down the line of lies, oh,
There we lie, will I
Belie your lion’s sigh?


If you’re playing seek-and-hide
I’m leaving you no escape…

Hide-and-seek, that’s suicide – it’s all right
To bend me so out of shape.
Hide-and-seek, that’s suicide – it’s all right
To bend me so out of shape.

Do you hear my mighty heartbeat
When you’re standing up against the wall?
Don’t you ever dare and doubt it
Run away and you will lose it all.

If you’re playing seek-and-hide
I’m leaving you no escape…


Chorus 2:
I can see you rip the tide, all the night
Screw it all into scrape.
I can see you rip the tide, all the night
Screw it all into scrape.

Out of sight, but you can’t quit it –
Don’t you see the skies are full of flies.
Eat your pride before you spit it
I don’t give a damn about your alibis.


Every Kiss A Treason

Don’t spare no bullet, do you,
If you wanna lay low,
You gotta cool it, would you?
You’re gonna tell yourself “No”.
You keep a secret? Do you?
Comes a time to confess!
You’d like to stick it, would you?
Shove up society’s ass.

And if the walls are closing in
You gotta leave your hole.
And when they’re clinging to your skin
You gotta shut ’em all.

You’d start a riot, would you?
Yes, you can’t let it go.
You say you’re right, do you,
But you doubt that it’s so.

Be there –
It’s no delicate season,
Beware –
Every kiss is a treason.
Be there, beware, don’t care
Gotta rule it out.
Gotta rule it out!

You know you’re mental, do you?
You’re not crazy, you know?
You’d love to be gentle, would you?
But your anger will grow.
Girls say you kissed ’em, but you –
You just can’t recall.
You’re caught up in the system, are you?
And it’s sucking your soul.

And if they tie your jacket loose
You gotta break your cell.
And when they leave you with no clues
You gotta ring the bell.


You call to arms, do you?
Better free up your hands.
You’d mean no harm, would you?
You just don’t understand.


Your Spite

On your own,
Heavy sigh:
Die alone,
The end is nigh.
Heavy stone
On your back,
Rolling on
Into black.
See no sun
In the sky,
Ain’t no fun
Getting higher.

In the night
It will haunt you.
It’s your spite:
People flaunt you.
Shining bright,
Dreams will taunt you,

Like a nun
Kneel and pray,
On the run
Far away.
See the dawn
From the hill:
Your fear’s not gone –
Never will!
You’re a pawn
On this board.
If you yawn
Has it bored you?


On your own,
Kneel and pray.
Die alone
Far away.
Heavy stone
Down the hill
Rolling on –
Always will.
Come the night,
Stars will rise,
Shining bright,
They despise you.

They hate you.
They tease you.
They bite you.
How dare you?
They kiss you.
They bite you.

Crate Of Your Creator

Sooner or later,
You will know what I mean.
Fall down a crater
To feel the state I’m in.
Don’t wear a halo –
You won’t fit in the box.
You’d better lay low
Before you’re on the rocks.

You’re gonna meet up your Creator
But it won’t be a funny date –
Don’t try to make your entrance late.
You always pissed in holy water
You used to have a tasty plate
And now he’ll pack you in a (pretty) crate.

Don’t kick the bucket:
Water’s not yours to spill.
Gotta say, “Fuck it!”
Run away, don’t stand still.
Do as they told you
And roll your head with the rest:
Gonna get colder
When you’re put to the test.


Road To The Tournament

Night comes down the wall
Of Crystal Palace,
Crawl into your soul
Full of malice.
Sparing you no chance,
Show no mercy:
You’re spiked on a lance.

High upon a shield
Full of glory,
Try not to be killed
Feeling sorry.
Every tongue may say
You’re not worthy –
You come out and play.

Ride to the tournament,
To the tournament
Of light.
A road to the monument,
To the monument
Of plight.

Golden-plated breast,
Shiny helmet.
Lay you down to rest
Overwhelm it.
Set in memory
Just to curse it:
If you’re not agree…


Get A Life

Going down to see
Life’s supremacy
In the open sea
Where I sleep.
Shape your ship to free
Fearful symmetry
In the cemetery
Of the deep.

They always try to bring you down,
Ahhh yeah.
Not safe, you should be sound
Ahhh yeah.

Drop your anchor on the line –
Lose your mind.

Get a life,
Lick your knife
Growing rife
Never fall.
Cast your soul
In the hole,
Play your role,
Get it all.

Shake your fist
In the mist.
Deadly kissed –
No one’s missed.
Get it all
Set your stall
Voodoo doll
You value
Nothing, nothing.

Put your helmet on,
Flesh out your skeleton.
Drop your sixteenth ton –
Time to rise!
No surrender, right?
Free and easy flight,
Shining golden light
In your eyes.

They always try to bring you down,
Ahhh yeah.
If not safe, you should be sound
Ahhh yeah.

Hide your gold into my mine –
Life’s unkind.

Get a life…

Take It On The Chin

Show me, show me, show me what you,
Won’t you show me what you got?
Are you gonna play God?
Sneaky Loki, mighty Thor,
You better stop your talking,
And show me what’s in store.

It’s such a dirty story,
You say you played a fool:
You looked in vain for glory
And you broke a golden rule.

One eye on the reason,
The other on the sin,
The trouble might be teasing
But you take it on the chin.

Tell me, tell me, tell me whether
You’re counting on the weather
To ruffle up your feathers?
On a shore leave, on a short leash,
You’re used to easy living –
Now it’s time to carve your niche.

You’re living by a legend,
You feel a mighty pull,
An undercover agent
Who rides the raging bull.

An eye on the season,
You cannot let him in,
You’re waiting for a treason
But you’ll take it on the chin.

Shiny, shiny, shiny piece of
A nice piece of shit
But you’re calling it love.
You’re a stoic, you’re a bore,
Try to be a cynic
It’s a sin you’re looking for.

One eye on the reason,
The other on the sin,
The reason may be sneezing
While you lick your fingers clean.

You tried to be silly
Your guise is getting thin,
And now you doubt you really
Want to take it on the chin.

Got no excuses
For such a crazy spin:
You see it, you use it,
And you take it on the chin.

Looking inside you,
You shed your skin
No-one will fight you
If you take it on the chin.

A right to be immortal
And be among your kin,
You go in the portal
You take it on the chin.

You take it, you break it,
You know it will sting,
It’s not a piece of cake but
You take it on the chin.

It’s such a dirty story,
You say you played a fool:
You looked in vain for glory
And you broke a golden rule.

One eye on the reason,
The other on the sin,
The trouble might be teasing
But you take it on the chin.

Witch’s Blue

When darkness falls over
The vale and the wood,
One grief-ridden rover
Is leaving – leaving for good.

Don’t have a clue
Which one is blue.

One look back,
I see it all.
But which witch is blue?
One step beyond and I’ll fall.

You know it’s true:
The witch now is blue.

Only one lovely legend,
All the weight I wanna take,
And I drive my wedge in
In the past for my sake…

In my bitch’s brew
The witch now is blue.



as recorded by THE GRAVES BROTHERS


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The night is blind…
Echoes bouncing off the walls
Of my room.
One step – we’ll fall
In the gloom.

Words so twisted,
They’re talking in tongues.
I tell you instead:

Misunderstanding’s not a sin.
Open your eyes and let me in
Let me light your senses.

Shining spirit
In the distance…
Come the dawn,
You’ll find me gone
But don’t – don’t close the door
Even if you don’t want me

Let me show you
My love, oh love

Misunderstanding’s not a sin –
Black cloud ‘cross the sun.
Open your eyes and let me in:
Here I belong, I’ve been too lonely on the run.
Misunderstanding’s not a sin.
That’s good good good.
Open your eyes and let me in
I knock, I knock, I’m knocking on the wood…


AZAZELLO – “Megadream”

AZAZELLO - Megadream

A Losing Game

Up grows
This great tree of lie.
So close
A world so unreal that it cuts like a knife.
Run right on my trail.
One dose…
One dose of loving, I’m not going to fail.

Through the portal open wide
I fall,
Will I reach the other side,
At all?
Another step.
No more locks, just keys
And clues,
But I know it really is
A losing game.
It’s a losing game.

A mortal,
I know I will find
This portal
Into the unknown is a door of my mind.
Love morbid
I leave it to grief.
What’s it
That I am to see once I climbed up the tree?


Across The Frontier

Never before
I have seen all the terrors of morning…
The warning for Terra is nigh.
Deep in the night I implored you:
Lord, you know it’s so true,
It tears me apart, and I cry.
I’m scared and it’s dark when I look back –
Pitch black.
It’s blackjack,
It’s shipwreck.
Hands on deck!

Falling into bottomless and neverending well,
Going in the portal where worlds run in parallel,
And I hope around the bend lies only happenstance:
Reflections lie,
I cast a glance –
No sense:
I got no chance.

Twilight, no sun in sight now.
Right now,
I’m in the kingdom of shadow –
An arrow flies so slow.
Shed on me some other light now:
I don’t want to fight now,
I’m pulling no blow.
I’m feeling my way out –
Ain’t no doubt.


When mirror lies, I see no silver lining,
I shed no tear.
Nobody knows and no-one sees the path is clear,
I’m crossing this frontier.

Nothing But A Shade

The Priestess:
You opened the door when another was closing your dream.
You found the gloom not the light, nor a gleam.

The Visionary:
My waking hour’s been a nightmare and the morning light a bane,
Ain’t no escape from endless shape of broken ages.
I feel no rage, I look in vain, I fear I’m going insane,
Seeking for verity between the ancient pages.

The Priestess:
It’s all in vain now!
The end to your torment
Lies in the portal,
Your easy way out.

The Visionary:
Paradise can be a hell!
You may preach but I can’t tell
Way back to the dusty crossroads
Where worlds run in parallel.
Love is nothing but a shade,
I cut this rope with my own blade,
I have lost the magic garden
Where we played.

The Priestess:
You’re lying!
Serves you well
To suffer
For all time…
You are no hero,
No sense in denial –
You’re put on a trial,
You know your undoing is nigh.

The Visionary:
My waking hour’s been a nightmare and the morning light a bane,
From dream to dream, from door to door: a trap of expectation.
Across the time I went to find myself as I’ve been trying to explain
All the illusions and collisions that I may shun.

The Priestess:
We came here to conquer,
You have to surrender
We’re twisting the worlds
As we’re shuffling the cards.

The Visionary:
Eternity’s no wishing well…
Hey, mercy merchant, time to sell!
Can’t see the tree of life from my wood
Where worlds run in parallel.
Smash your clocks and count the cost –
I tried my best and made the most.
Love is nothing but a shade now
I’m forever lost.

The Priestess:
Now minute’s infinite,
So perish!

Live To See Tomorrow

It’s getting cold,
The night has turned to ashes,
A frozen kiss, the fever lingers on…
I know I lost it all,
The morning lashes
Across the greyness
Seeking for the sun.

I wish I’d never live to see tomorrow –
Turn back the time now, I can’t hear a sound.
Give me an echo that’s enough to follow –
I’m going down, I’m gonna drown.

Emotions to devour.
As silence falls, fate of my world at stake.
No chance for us –
The sweet turns into sour.
Can’t take it anymore,
Can’t take it anymore,
Can’t take…


Carnal Caravan

In the desert:
No-one will see your sin –
The sand has gone down.
Coming hither
A raging lizard of the weather,
And a rising wizard with a whip,
Pray before your spirit slip.
Your body is ready to rip –
Your time has come.

Your game is over –
Take off your mask and smile.
This carnival’s a mess:
A mass, a step into morass –
A dirty mile.
It’s running into nowhere fast,
Your carnal caravan,
I talk to you, my mortal man.

Make your wish and wash your hands
Before the morning sun.
The destiny of many men
Lay at the feet of The One.
Between two worlds it runs,
Voice in the desert of tongues.


You have no chance to escape.

You must remember well:
It’s all your loss!
You have no chance to cross
Two worlds so different.
Two lives
So good
Now knock on wood:
It’s just a lie, it’s just a lie, it’s just a…

Line of many worries,
Many stories, fight for glory.
A slowly burning war’s worth dying for –
Close the door on your soul,
You’re bound to lose it all now.

A slave’s a feather
In the desert.

Guardians In The Garden (bonus track)

The news came like a whiplash, like a chilly wind:
In the heat of summer night, unexpected call
With a quick flash changed the world we’re living in.
The trail of happiness is getting cold.

Used to play together under sunny skies –
Our imagination fluttered in the air…
Hand of doom struck in a velvet glove disguise
How can destiny be so unfair?
It’s so unfair!

In the shadow where destroying angel lies
Life’s a water, water you can’t keep.
Never ever listen how a mortal cries
Dreaming guardians in the garden of your sleep.

Slipping into nowhere – no oblivion!
Secret of the rosary randomly revealed.
Sadness softens the cruel world we’re living in
But the soul will always need a shield.



Hellbound Rails

Ain’t gonna set on a misleading course,
Ain’t gonna ride my doggone horse,
I’m gonna roll it, I need no moss,
Till I got time, I’m gonna make the most.

I tell the Devil to go and shine,
No unicorn, he’s no friend of mine.
My best intentions – uneven score,
Your black bird singing of Nevermore.

Hellbound rails, helhound trails –
Bound to fall, who’s going to fail?
Driving rain, down the drain,
Found and lost and not seen again.

Can’t catch me, I’m your eternal loss.
Don’t load the dice after your final toss.
Ain’t gonna chain me to your whipping post,
Till I got time, I wanna make the most.

Hellbound rails, helhound trails –
Bound to fall, who’s going to fail?
Driving rain, down the drain,
Found and lost and never seen again.

Be not seen:
Not a sin.
Found and lost –
Count the cost.
Lost and found,
Always ’round,
Out of sight
In the night.

Burn The Leechers

When you’re down and out,
When you’re cast from grace,
No one sees the light
Shining from your face.
Ride your solitude
Solid days on end –
Slip and slide on ice
With no friendly hand.

When you reach the top
And you show the class,
They bask in the light
Shining from your ass.
When they gather ’round,
Asking for champagne,
You get cut on glass,
No-one feels your pain.

They want your blood, they want you whole,
They even love to hear you preaching.
Forget your heart:
To save your soul,
You gotta burn –
Burn the leechers!

You can keep them up
Standing all alone,
But they’ll tread on you
Like on a stepping stone.
Value of it all
They will never see:
Can be bought and sold,
You’re a currency.

They want your blood, they want you whole,
They even love to hear you preaching.
Forget your heart:
To save your soul,
You gotta burn –
Burn the leechers!

They keep you high, they want you nailed
They want your gospel to be rich and
Make you commodity,
Put you up for sale.
So you gotta burn –
Burn the leechers

Tommy Lost It All

He was the leader of the pack,
He stared into the Bible black,
And in that void he felt so small –
And Tommy lost it al.

A shining boy with magic touch,
No immortality as such,
In times like these the mighty fall –
Our Tommy lost it all.

A little boy lost,
Cause a dream’s never crossed his mind.
A little boy lost –
He was such a lost cause
In a world where the people are blind.

He was a man with golden arm,
He led the masses with his charm,
He never heard that distant call,
So Tommy lost it all.


When the world hits the wall,
Little boys lose it all…


The Debt Collector

Well, you know me
And you owe me
Some emotional respite
In the season of no reason
Nothing seems to be all right.

Well, you never smell no trouble
In your comfortable bubble,
Rolling ’round and never giving me
a minute to relax.
But I gotta tell ya, honey,
When it comes to soul money
Ain’t no way I’m gonna let you
live with outstanding tax.

Let’s take a look at what you’ve got –
You’ve got a lot, a lot, a lot.

I’m your debt collector,
I’m your bed inspector.
If you’re mine, it’s fine to impose a fine.
I suppose to pose straight
To get you back in line.

I will never talk of freedom
From the spell that costs so much,
Have some rules for you to read ’em –
Better look before you touch.

Never try to zip your lip and
Never try to look too flippant –
It’s your heart I’m gonna try on
my door-opening technique.
Keep my love and never cash it,
All you gotta do is flesh it out
So pay your bills, before you
Hear the switching of the flick.

I wanna have a bigger cut –
You’ve got a lot, a lot, a lot.

Don’t you try to be oblique,
It just makes me wanna freak out.

Let’s take a stock of what you got…
Let us talk of what you got…

Spot-On Leopard

Old-school river in my kitchen.
Scrath the table til it’s itching,
Fill the gutter with your butter
Crack your nut and do the nutter.
Do the rabbit down the hole,
Feed the watches on your wall.
Push the button, get it spot on
But you’ll never have it all.

If you’re lost on empty coast
With no shepherd,
Join the dots and count the spots
On your leopard.

What you’re really looking for –
Metaphor or semaphore?
What’s the meaning of your keening?
You know there is always more.
Cut the crap and stash it up
Before it gets over the top.
Set your sailing, drive your nail in
Hear your leper leopard wailing.


Spill the image on the page,
Catch the words in paper cage.
You can’t catch up, won’t win the cup,
And still you’ll never, never stop


Stoke a million in the oven,
Burn a witch out of your coven…

Spin Your Ventilator

It’s hot and humid,
It’s all so human.
It’s all too lurid
For you to lure it.

I’m all so sweaty,
I won’t regret it,
I just need fresh air
When you are down there.

Turn on your ventilator –
Fan me up and cool me down.
Turn on your ventilator –
Make me make a buzzy sound.
Better soon but may be later,
Come on and spin your ventilator.

Your sprawling mansion
Too good to mention.
Arrowless Cupid,
I ain’t so stupid.

It’s all too torrid,
I won’t go for it.
It’s very arid…
Got air to share it?

Shadow Of The Words

The hand of fate,
Sometimes it’s too late:
What you’re gonna say
On dyin’ day
You can’t get over?

Ain’t no way out.
A deadly silence
That blows a shout.
Lines of life are cut,
A broken heart.
Here comes the flood.

Shadow of the words unsaid.
Solitude is burning red – so mad.
While in love, don’t waste no time to wait,
Open up your soul, let the words out before it’s late.

Before the dawn,
You run on empty – I’m all gone.
A silent sigh.
I wish I could get back in time.


Shadow Of The Words (first version)

of no return.
One day
you will learn:
is broken down,
There’s no way ’round
To make it over.

I came across,
And you stay behind
You count the cost.
Fly in the air
Lost in the void
No one will share.

Shadow of the words unsaid.
Solitude is burning red – so mad.
While in love, don’t waste no time to wait,
Open up your soul, let the words out before it’s late.

Before the dawn,
You run on empty – I’m all gone.
A silent sigh.
No need to say
We lost the fight,

Out Of Grace

Oh what a pity
Time is runnin’ out,
I’ll leave the city
With no shade o’ doubt.
Been mistreated and misused,
Comes a time to blow the fuse.
And I know this time
I ain’t the one to lose

Back to the trenches
Where I feel entranced,
Everything changes –
So would I like to dance?
Like a puppet on a string
Waitin’ for the bell to ring
I don’t give a damn
For what the night can bring.

Down on my luck for days,
Freedom I gotta chase.
Smile’s lightin’ up my face.
I’m gonna win the race.
Don’t wanna change my ways,
Fadin’ without a trace.
Stranger in every place,
I’m fallin’ out of grace

I climbed the ladder,
I will do no more
Now I feel better
Having slammed the door.
All I’m up for’s going down,
So tonight I’ll leave the town
I don’t wanna feel like a king without a crown.


Open Wide

Used to be upset
With the news you read
In your daily papers, in your magazines.
Everybody knows
All your “yeah’s” and “no’s”
Anyway you try to steal the scene.

But around the bend
Lies the rainbow’s end.
You should look outside your door and sip the wind.
If the skies are grey,
You can win the day
All you left behind don’t mean a thing.

Open wide
Your life will flow.
You can’t believe it happens
But you gotta let it go.
Free at last
Now you can fly
You feel you’re close to heaven
Open wide.

High above the ground
You can hear the sound –
All the crystal bells are ringing in the air.
Calling out for love
In the push and shove
It’s no fairy tale
But magic’s always there.


Make It Through The Night

Once upon a midnight hour
You came knocking on my door,
There was no one else to hear you crying.
When the feeling’s getting sour,
Life’s not like it was before,
No way back and there’s no use in trying.

Dry your tears – you drive me crazy
You didn’t cry so far.
Running blind into the dark
You know you’re gonna light my spark.

That’s right, all right,
I’ll help you make it through the night. (x2)

I’ve been dreaming of this minute
For so many lonely moons,
While you stayed with someone who would hurt you.
Ain’t it strange now when I’m in it?
Will you walk away too soon
Knowing now I never will desert you?

Fallen back into my arms
Why do you have to go?
Tell me what you’re thinking of
And don’t be playing with my love.

That’s right, all right,
I’ll help you make it through the night. (x2)

Gonna Spoil The Fun

I’ll part with part of my possessions,
It’s of no value to me at all –
Just to get rid of this sweet obsession
Which keeps me pinned up against the wall.
I’ll shake the burden off my shoulder:
I see no use in this dirty load
If your emotions are getting colder
And ain’t no light at the end of the road.

I’m gonna spoil the fun,
Don’t wanna see the sun.
You’re not the only one
Now that it’s said and done.

Now that I got my back all empty
You can walk right up and stab me in.
Some nasty thinking should feel quite tempting
But you hands – but your hands are clean.

You’re gonna spoil the fun,
You love to hit-and-run,
You like to jump the gun
But everything’s said and done now.

Ain’t No Angel

Can’t deny it, read my mind.
Didn’t try to be so kind.
And sometimes I would pretend
That my loving has no end.

Only you can make me step lightly,
Only you can take off my load,
Only with you I can be myself,
Only with you I can love.

I ain’t no angel
Carried on the wing,
Pulling on a heavenly string.
I ain’t no angel
Looking from above,
Coming down to save – but
I’m bringing you my love.

Never thought I’d come to this,
I would get so close to bliss,
Guarding someone and defend
I would feel no bad intent.

Only you can make me feel happy,
Only you can make me take off,
Only with you I can be myself,
Only with you I can love.

But I’m no angel
With a song to sing,
I spread my wings to cover my sin.
I ain’t no angel
Looking from above,
Coming down to save – but
I’m bringing you my love.

More Than Any Words

Summer day, a glass of wine.
Drink the light monsoon.
Here I wait, I fill my time
With rhyming “moon” and “June”.

Far away you wait in vain
Thinking, “What it is?”
Hoping we will meet again,
You are longing for a kiss.

More than any words
Memory can say.
More than any words, my darling,
When we had to go our way.

Coming back, I see no use –
Broken dreams are gone.
All alone, I lost my muse,
I don’t know what’s going on.


Deeper Alone

The words
That you wanted to say
Froze on you lips
You slip away.

Don’t think I’ll ever
Step on this ice,
Fragile and cold
Look in your eyes.

Tell me to break it,
Tell me I’m bound to fall –
Getting deeper alone
Into my soul.
Tell me to lose you,
Tell me to pray and wait –
Getting deeper alone
Cause it’s too late.

My dreams
Disappear one by one:
Blink of an eye,
They are all gone.

Waiting for sunlight
I never felt.
Your icy heart
Will never melt.

Ain’t No Way To Hit

A part of me is lead,
A part of me is light:
That’s why my heart is sinking
When I get high as a kite.

You know you’re looking good,
You know you’re pretty hot –
You’re simmering and shaking
Trying to be the one you’re not.

Way of life’s a contradiction
When you latch onto tradition.
Ain’t no way to hit your mission
If that’s what you’re really wishing.

As fire meets the ice,
The eyes are open wide.
The two of us click into place
But the trap is still inside.

Heart Of A Lion

When your reflection
Calls you a liar,
You find no-one around
Taking you higher.

Bigger than desert
Only the sky is
Waiting for your embrace –
Dare to arise.

You hear the freedom is crying,
Ain’t no time for lying.
Will you cross this line?
Can you hear the beat?
Heart of a lion.

2nd Chorus:
It’s time to shake up some action,
Don’t pause for resurrection.
Waste no time for crying.
Do you hear it beats?
Heart of a lion.

Framed & Captured

I’m the picture
On your wall,
Framed and captured,
Sure to fall.

Got my daily
Fix of rhyme,
Reason wailing
All the time.

Framed and captured, frozen still
In the house on the hill.
Framed and captured, gonna getcha,
Here, in prison of your will.

Like a candle
Burning down,
Hard to handle,
Hit the ground.

Reckless damage
On the fly.
Will you manage
To stay alive?

Framed and captured, frozen still
In the house on the hill.
Framed and captured, gonna getcha,
Here, in prison of your will.

I’m a rifle
On your wall,
Shooting trifle –
That is all.

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