Maartin Allcock and Ralph McTell salute the WWI heroes

Maartin Allcock is a well-known mover in the folk rock circles, primarily for his work with FAIRPORT CONVENTION and JETHRO TULL, but there are much more sides to the multi-instrumentalist. A part of his oeuvre is collaborations with another veteran, Ralph McTell, a writer of the immortal “Streets Of London”. Starting with 1987’s “Bridge Of Sighs”, the two continue their creative line into the present.

Recently, Ralph visited Maartin, the former having written a song, “The Unknown Soldier”, and the latter orchestrating it and providing the soundscape part. In Allcock words, “the piece was inspired by the selection of a dead soldier and his funeral at Westminster Abbey in 1922. It’s to go on an EP of songs all relating to WW1 including ‘The Maginot Waltz’ and another couple of songs”. Something to look forward to.

July 4, 2013

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