MAD PAINTER To Launch Their Sophomore Album

While some people might find the latter-day tendency of certain ensembles to include “’70s hard rock” in the description of what they do, MAD PAINTER go all the way with this stylistic colorization by not only taking a roaring Hammond and heavy riffs to the prog-tinged fore but also dressing the part. Masterminded by the music-from-the-past buff Alex Gitlin who mans the ivories, sings and writes most of the material, the Boston-based band are finally ready to deliver their second album – preceded by a couple of singles which have been rotating on numerous radio stations for quite a while and on which yours truly is a lyricist (watch the videos below).

Except for three covers – from the repertoires of URIAH HEEP, MR. BIG and RANDY PIE, plus a piece set to John Sloman’s poem – the rest of the songs on the platter titled “Splashed” are arresting originals that will see the light of day before the end of the year.


1. Illusion
2. Parting Line
3. River
4. Stealin’
5. Highway Driver
6. Samurai
7. Lie To Me
8. I’ve Been A Fool
9. Jacques
10. Friend In France
11. Let Him Go
12. I Don’t Know
13. San Michel
14. The Moon
15. Love Is Gold
16. You Nearly Stole My Heart Away
17. I Live For Love

The combo’s line-up is
Alan Hendry – drums
Julie Gee – backing vocals
Alex Gitlin – vocals, keyboards
Alan Naha – guitar
Kenne Highland – bass

November 13, 2022

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