MAGENTA Reach For The Moon On A Stage Report

While the release of “The White Witch – A Symphonic Trilogy” at the end of last year found MAGENTA return on the radar of many a progressive rock aficionados, the Welsh ensemble chose a quieter way to issue a new live album and approach their 25th anniversary without much ado. Which seems weird – given “Reaching For The Moon” that’s available now is very attractive package comprising four discs: two CDs and two DVDs with the same content.

Captured for posterity in Newbury, England on May 21st, 2022, the record finds the band’s ranks expanded with additional players, including KITE PARADE’s Andy Foster on vocals and sax. The setlist on that night ran from the group’s 2001 debut “Revolutions” as represented by “Man The Machine” and their sophomore effort “Seven” as demonstrated by “Anger” to 2020’s “Masters Of Illusion” whence no less than four cuts come. Preserving living history, it’s an arresting document from masters of their trade.

Reaching For The Moon

1. Glitterball
2. Speechless
3. I’m Alive
4. Anger
5. King Of The Skies
6. Because
7. R.A.W.
8. Broken

1. Bela
2. Gift From God
3. Snow
4. Reach For The Moon
5. Demons
6. Man The Machine
7. The Warning
8. Sunshine Saviour
9. The Lizard King

April 29, 2023

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