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Announced a few months ago, when its Rodney Matthews-created cover was unveiled, it’s only now that the details of MAGNUM‘s new album’s content are out in the open. “Escape From The Shadow Garden” will be released on March 19th in Scandinavia, March 21st in Germany, March 24th in Europe and April 1st in the US and Canada in several formats. Alongside download and a standard compact disc, available will be a double LP on colored vinyl with a live bonus track, as well as a limited edition digipak edition with bonus DVD.

MAGNUM - Escape From The Shadow Garden

Escape From The Shadow Garden

According to keyboard player Mark Stanway, the music’s great – and Tony Clarkin‘s latest works didn’t disappoint, indeed – and now there’s a video teaser (see below) of one new song, “Too Many Clowns,” while the rest of it looks like this:


1. Live ‘Til You Die
2. Unwritten Sacrifice
3. Falling For The Big Plan
4. Crying In The Rain
5. Too Many Clowns
6. Midnight Angel
7. The Art Of Compromise
8. Don’t Fall Asleep
9. Wisdom’s Had Its Day
10. Burning River
11. The Valley Of Tears


Live Footage from Europe
1. Black Skies
2. Freedom Day
3. All My Bridges
4. On A Storyteller’s Night
On tour footage
* Too Many Clowns
* Dance Of The Black Tattoo

February 13, 2014

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