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It’s long been out of fashion for musicians to be issuing new records every couple of years, only MAGNUM never really cared for fads and saw that their discography almost always ran according to such a grueling schedule. Which is why the veterans’ “The Monster Roars” from 2022 will soon be followed by another studio opus, titled “Here Comes The Rain” and finding Bob Catley, Tony Clarkin and their younger colleagues return on the fantasy fields the ensemble used to roam until recently.

Here Comes The Rain

The album per se, slated for release on January 12th, 2024 and bearing a customary Rodney Matthews artwork, looks like this.

1. Run Into The Shadows
2. Here Comes The Rain
3. Some Kind Of Treachery
4. After The Silence
5. Blue Tango
6. The Day He Lied
7. The Seventh Darkness
8. Broken City
9. I Wanna Live
10. Borderline

And then there are edition with a bonus DVD, presumably a concert one, and a box set that comprises the same CD/DVD digipak as well two vinyl platters, splattered yellow and red, in gatefold sleeve, 2CD live album of which there are no details, an umbrella with the band logo, an A1 poster, photocard and a sticker.

Here Comes The Rain –
Box Set

1. Days Of No Trust
2. Lost On The Road To Eternity
3. The Monster Roars
4. The Archway Of Tears
5. Dance Of The Black Tattoo
6. Where Are You Eden?
7. The Flood
8. The Day after The Night Before
9. Wild Swan
10. Les Morts Dansant
11. Rocking Chair
12. All England’s Eyes
13. Vigilante
14. Kingdom Of Madness
15. On A Storyteller’s Night
16. Sacred Hour

October 21, 2023

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