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It’s been a lot of water under the bridge since 2006’s when MAN released their last studio album, “Kingdom Of Noise,” and a lot of this water was quite substantial as, during the intervening years, Esoteric Recordings have put out expanded versions of most of the Welsh band’s catalogue. It’s fitting, then, that the label will be the home for the group’s new outing, scheduled for February 23rd and titled “Reanimated Memories.” It holds 11 fresh songs from Josh Ace, Martin Ace and Phil Ryan and proudly continues the ensemble’s long journey which started, LP-wise, back in 1969 with "Revelation".

On our request, Phil Ryan said:
“Recorded live at the Cowshed studio North London, overdubs were minimal, and in several cases the guide vocals were used on the final mixes. Guesting on three of the tracks we have the wonderful BJ Cole on pedal steel guitar, adding the icing on the cake to the more countrified numbers, ‘The Ballad Of Billy Lee,’ ‘We Know’ and the retro rock ‘n’ roll ballad ‘One More Ride On The Waltzers.’ James Beck adds some super slide and lead playing to the proceedings, and Rene Robrahn doesn’t use a drum stick on the entire record.”

MAN - Reanimated Memories

Reanimated Memories

As for the full tracklist, it runs like this:

1. The Ballad Of Billy Lee
2. No Solution
3. In Time
4. We Know
5. One More Ride On The Waltzers
6. Ordinary Man
7. God Delusion
8. Got No Money In My Pocket
9. Nothing Fails Like Success
10. Events Of Yesterday
11. All The Birds

January 4, 2015

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