MAN Look Back And Forward On New Releases

The labyrinthine story of Welsh rockers MAN is a convincing testament to their persistence and ability to retain the ensemble’s original shtick no matter what – and no wonder that fans believe in it. That’s why, perhaps, the veterans’ new release – 2CD and DVD recorded on-stage in Stuttgart on March 10th, 2016 and available separately from September 14th, 2018 – is titled “Faith.” It features songs, more than half of this set, from the group’s 2015 offering – their first in nine years – “Reanimated Memories” as well as classic material. Looks like it’s the group’s last recording with keyboard player Phil Ryan, who would die soon thereafter yet…

Led by bassist Martin Ace, the quintet are ready to celebrate their 50th anniversary and issue not only the live recordings but also a 4-song EP “Mojo Train” and a freshly minted album “Anachronism Tango” – of which details haven’t been disclosed as of now. As of the concert one, it runs like this:

MAN - Faith


1. Many Are Called But Few Get Up
2. No Solution
3. I Always Thought The Walrus Was Protected
4. Nothing Fails Like Success
5. The Ballad Of Billy Lee
6. We Know
7. In Time
8. Romain
9. Conflict Of Interest (Do It!)
10. The God Delusion
11. One More Ride On The Waltzers
12. Ordinary Man
13. Spunk Rock
14. C’mon
15. Bananas

September 9, 2018

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