MANDALABAND Melodies To Shine Afresh

It’s rare, if not unique, to encounter an ensemble whose oeuvre is steeped in mythology to be led by a genuine historian, yet MANDALABAND are such an entity whose very existence has a scent of myth to it too. Devised by the future Egyptologist David Rohl, then a photographer for the likes of THE MOODY BLUES and studio engineer for the likes of THIN LIZZY, and brought to life by the stellar cast of players – some of them would go on to create SAD CAFÉ, while others, including Noel Redding and Graham Gouldman as well as the members of BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST, were already famous – over the course of two albums: the group’s eponymous platter from 1975 and “The Eye Of Wendor” from 1976, both boldly venturing into conceptual progressive rock and both seeing the expanded reissues on February 9th, 2024.

The Story Of Mandalaband

That wasn’t the end for the collective, as Rohl returned with "BC – Ancestors" in 2009 and followed it up with “AD – Sangreal” two years later, yet the original duplet remained the twin peaks the team will always be remembered by, which why David didn’t stop at remastering his classics but also completely remixed the old records. The old and new versions will be coupled to hit the shelves as double LPs, although the CD variant – a 4CD box set – feels much more interesting because, added to what lands on vinyl, there are quite a few rarities, mostly demos. Looks like a must-have item.

CD 1 – Mandalaband:
1. Om Mani Padme Hum (In Four Movements)
2. Determination
3. Song For A King
4. Roof Of The World
5. Looking In


CD 2 – The Eye Of Wendor: Prophesies:
1. The Eye Of Wendor
2. Florian’s Song
3. Ride To The City
4. Almar’s Tower
5. Like The Wind
6. The Tempest
7. Dawn Of A New Day
8. Departure From Carthilias
9. Elsethea
10. Witch Of Waldow Wood
11. Silesandre
12. Ænord’s Lament
13. Funeral Of The King
14. Coronation Of Damien

CD 3 – Mandalaband – Versions:
1. Om Mani Padme Hum (In Four Movements) (2024 David Rohl version)
2. Determination (2024 David Rohl version)
3. Song For A King (2024 David Rohl version)
4. Roof Of The World (2024 David Rohl version)
5. Looking In (2024 David Rohl version)
6. Om Mani Padme Hum (1st Movement) (Camel Studios demo)
7. Looking In (CBS Studios Chrysalis live audition)
8. Roof Of The World (Indigo Sound demo)

The Eye Of Wendor: Prophecies

CD 4 – The Eye Of Wendor: Prophesies – Versions:
1. The Eye Of Wendor (2024 David Rohl version)
2. Florian’s Song (2024 David Rohl version)
3. Ride To The City (2024 David Rohl version)
4. Almar’s Tower (2024 David Rohl version)
5. Like The Wind (2024 David Rohl version)
6. The Tempest (2024 David Rohl version)
7. Dawn Of A New Day (2024 David Rohl version)
8. Departure From Carthilias (2024 David Rohl version)
9. Elsethea (2024 David Rohl version)
10. Witch Of Waldow Wood (2024 David Rohl version)
11. Silesandre (2024 David Rohl version)
12. Ænord’s Lament (2024 David Rohl version)
13. Funeral Of The King (2024 David Rohl version)
14. Coronation Of Damien (2024 David Rohl version)
15. Dawn Of A New Day (single mix)
16. The Eye Of Wendor (Indigo Sound demo)
17. Witch Of Waldow Wood (Indigo Sound demo)
18. Silesandre (Indigo Sound demo)
19. The Tempest / Dawn Of A New Day
20. Florian’s Song / Ride To The City

November 16, 2023

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