Manfred Mann’s new album: a glory ride

He might have groups that bore his name but even Manfred Mann wants to have a space of his own sometimes, and the legendary keyboard player has two albums released in a kind of solo mode. Still, 1991’s “Plains Music” is often perceived as an ensemble work, as it helped the veteran revive EARTH BAND, and 2004’s “2006” did feature the band, yet “Lone Arranger” – a nice pun given Manfred’s habit for wearing hats, even though not cowboy ones – is more self-centered. Out at the end of October, Mann’s new record finds him play other people’s pieces, which he a master of; it was him who brought Bruce Springsteen’s songs to the charts by doing “Spirits In The Night” on "Nightingales And Bombers" and “Blinded By The Light” on "Roaring Silence" in the mid-’70s, as well as covered many more compositions. Now, there would be a wide array of these, from classical to pop.

MANFRED MANN - Lone Arranger

Lone Arranger

“Lone Arranger” – to be made available as a single CD, a double vinyl and a deluxe version with a bonus disc of out-takes and extras – includes well-known songs and  new versions of pieces that sampled Manfred Mann’s music by the unlikely likes of Kanye West and THE PRODIGY. But for all the solo stance, the album plays host to many guests such as the EARTH BAND’s instrumentalists, the ensemble’s former singers Noel McCalla and Chris Thompson, the group’s current vocalist Robert Hart, the great Kris Kristofferson, Swedish jazz diva Viktoria Tolstoy and Jamaican soul chanteuse Ruby Turner. As for the tracks, here’s the breakdown of a regular edition and, where it was possible to drill down to it, the cuts’ provenance:

1. One Hand In The Air
    (Kanye West’s “So Appalled” – sampled MMEB’s “You Are – I Am”)
2. All Right Now (FREE)
3. Rock You
4. Footprints
5. I Came For You
    (DISCO BOYS’ remix of MMEB’s take on Bruce Springsteen’s “For You”)
6. Light My Fire (THE DOORS)
7. I Heard It Through The Grapevine (Marvin Gaye)
8. Nothing Compares To You (Prince)
9. Insects
10. UKOR
11. Aranjuez – First Movement (Joaquin Rodrigo)
12. Bang A Gong (T.REX’s “Get It On”)
13. The Crystal Ship (THE DOORS)
14. One Way Stand-Up
    (THE PRODIGY’s “Stand Up” – sampled MM CHAPTER III’s “One Way Glass”)

September 17, 2014

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