Manny Charlton revisits NAZARETH

While his former band are having troubles on a vocal front, their estranged guitarist Manny Charlton is finishing the mastering of his latest record, titled simply “Solo,” that’s close in its covers-to-originals pattern to the recently reissued two-part "Sharp" project. Singing most of the tracks himself, including Tim Buckley’s immortal “Song To A Siren,” and having guests on the rest, with a couple of drummers helping out on a few cuts, Manny once again re-imagines some of the NAZ classics – the slightly renamed “This Flight Tonite” and “Xpect No Mercy”; the contextualized “May The Sunshine” and “Sunshine” – so there’s a lot to enjoy.

All in all, “Solo” contains a dozen pieces which look like this:



1. A Better Groove
2. A Bride For Jesus
3. Black Star
4. Xpect No Mercy
5. May The Sunshine
6. Mr Majestyck
7. She Dances In Cordoba
8. Song To A Siren
9. SOS
10. Sunshine
11. This Flight Tonite
12. Writing On The Wall

January 21, 2015

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