MARBIN – Last Chapter Of Dreaming

MoonJune 2013

MARBIN -  Last Chapter Of Dreaming

Last Chapter Of Dreaming

Poetry in motion: a record of rare beauty destined to be a fabric of one’s life.

It’s a painful experience listening to this band’s thirdĀ album: it gets down to your very nerve to send an immeasurable pleasure up and down the spine – it’s that wondrous. There’s a sensation in both informational and emotional scope, as Dani Rabin’s guitar and Danny Markovitch’s sax build on the foundation of their previous work, "Breaking The Cycle", to take it to the next evolutional level. Here, that record’s title track, which didn’t make the cut before, pulls the crawl of “Caravan” onto the “Kashmir” carcass and places it back in the Middle Eastern / Mediterranean habitat, natural for the Israel-born main men who tie the already familiar strains of fusion and klezmer into a loose knot and tighten it for fresh connotations.

Quite often, with occasional shard of wordless vocals and shadows of tango, the group nod to the classic jazz stylistics as they do in “Purple Fiddle” or “The Ballad Of Daniel White,” full of patinated nostalgia yet irresistible. They are lightweight elegant in “The Way To Riches” and acoustic “Cafe de Nuit,” where Pat Metheny’s alumni Steve Rodby and Paul Wertico join in the walk and Jamey Haddad adds to the caressing groove, heavy in the intense vertex of “Blue Fingers,” speedy and smooth in the “Redline” boogie. Sunset romanticism prevails in “Last Days of August” with its slide-kissed piano, yet it’s dirge-like drift is shattered by the hymnal rise of “Last Chapter Of Dreaming,” a new-age analog of “Ode To Joy.” Once it’s over, it would be a hard life without this album on the spin.


April 18, 2013

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