MARBLE EYES – Hunting With Comets

Spacesuit Entertainment 2023

Smoke and lightning or smoke and mirrors? Rising above the Covid-related sorrows, The Granite State denizens get in the mood.

Hunting With Comets

Swimming against the tide of sophomore full-length offerings used to be difficult, but this New Hampshire foursome find themselves struggling with overabundance of material, rather than lack thereof, because the ensemble wrote at least half a hundred songs during the pandemic to present on their “Marble Eyes Mondays” livestreams. The album’s provenance goes a long way towards explaining the delight-eliciting eclecticism and optimistic slant of the nine numbers which made the cut, then. What may initially seem like further venture into space rock, the leanings the quartet subtly demonstrated on their 2021 debut “Return To The Roses” – indeed, the band unashamedly take a few more trips beyond stratosphere on their second effort – should, amplified by the abandon of the group’s delivery, soon show the listener that’s it’s all about joie de vivre now. And the collective’s audience do need such reassurance, and honesty too – always will.

Which is why the record’s opener “Truth” houses a slow, and gradually transforming to motorik and raga-tinged, triumph of cosmic consciousness and its finale “The Great Ride” proposes an interstellar voyage into one’s inner world – with male and female vocals targeting distant celestial bodies and Mike Carter’s ethereal guitar soaring over bedrock built by Eric Gould’s bass and Adrian Tramontano’s drums – but not before “Begin Again” airs an anthem of hope and liberty to present, via a quasi-quote from “The Star-Spangled Banner” bookending the song, the album’s false ending. And that’s why the aching “Wheel Of Time” – with Max Chase’s ivories surging so solemnly and dancing so frivolously – little by little clears the folk-informed horizon to introduce genuine fun to the platter’s flow. Otherwise, the effervescent, festive funk of “It’s Your World (We’re Just Livin’ In It)” wouldn’t flutter with a lot of gusto first towards the electric ballad “Falling Sky” and then to the infectious, irresistible even, “Music Is The Medicine” – a roaringly percussive, explosive piece picking up where the perennial “I Just Want To Celebrate” left off.

However, “The Island” passes the players’ voices around and replaces it all with pure romantic rapture, while “Sunburst” unfolds a prog epic in front of those lending their ears to “Hunting With Comets” and those prepared to land on some faraway planet. Here’s a treasure hunt for The Great Unknown which earthling must be happy to join.


December 25, 2023

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