Marc Almond And Chris Braide Invite Ian Anderson On Stage

Almost impossible to believe but Marc Almond celebrated his 65th birthday last month with no signs of desire to slow down the journey which has carried the OBE-awarded artist from synth-pop buzz to Jacques Brel balladry and beyond. Marc’s performances are compelling experiences (as this scribe can testify, the Englishman’s concert being the first Western singer’s show he ever attended) because there’s always storytelling involved in the veteran’s on-stage presentation, so his followers won’t be surprised by the narrative angle of “Things We Lost”: a mini-album reuniting Almond with old friend and producer Chris Braide.

Scheduled for October 28th release, the six-piece record will reflect their studio synergy – yet its expanded edition, spread over three discs, will also comprise the document of the pair’s appearance on the Royal Festival Hall stage with the “Chaos & More” program that saw them do Almond and Braide’s songs alongside classics like “Dandy In The Underworld” and “Witch’s Promise” – the latter, and a few other numbers, featuring none other than Ian Anderson, so there’s a lot to like. The entire running order looks like this:

Things We Lost

CD1 – Things We Lost:
1. A Golden Light
2. Dead Stars
3. Wolf (Modern Life)
4. Siren
5. A Flowered Goodbye
6. Things We Lost

CD2 – Chaos & More (Part One) – Live:
1. Intro
2. Black Sunrise
3. When The Stars Are Gone
4. Dust
5. Dreaming Of Sea
6. Hollywood Forever
7. Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
8. Cherry Tree
9. Chaos
10. Fighting A War
11. Giallo
12. Lord Of Misrule *
13. Witch’s Promise *
14. Bedsitter *
15. Slow Burn Love
16. The Crow’s Eyes Have Turned Blue

CD3 – Chaos & More (Part Two) – Live:
1. Flames
2. Skin Deep
3. The Pain Of Never
4. Scar
5. Kill And Run **
6. Unstoppable **
7. Torch
8. Black Heart
9. Little Rough Rhinestone
10. Flowered Goodbye
11. Winter Sun
12. Change
13. Where The Heart Is
14. Embers
15. Minotaur
16. Zipped Black Leather Jacket
17. A Kind Of Love
18. Dandy In The Underworld
19. Children Of The Revolution
20. Tainted Love *
21. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye *

* featuring Ian Anderson
** Chris Braide solo vocal

August 20, 2022

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