Marcella Detroit Brings A New Sparkle To Her “Jewel”

To the masses she might have come to prominence as a half of SHAKESPEARS SISTER in the late ’80s, yet to connoisseurs Marcella Detroit, or Marcy Levy, had been at the forefront – or, more often, in the background – of rock since the beginning of a previous decade. Her powerful voice should be familiar to any listener who’s ever heard Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight” and “Lay Down Sally” as she sang on both hits and co-penned the latter after several years of touring with the guitarist; some could remember her vocals from Bob Seger’s “So I Wrote You A Song” or “Millie And Billie” by Alice Cooper. Those are just a few pieces marked by Marcella’s presence, while her writing style left an imprint on platters which Belinda Carlisle, Jennifer Rush, Chaka Khan and VIXEN took up the charts, Detroit’s “Somebody’s Gonna Get Hurt” recorded not only by Patty Weaver but also but THREE DOG NIGHT. And then there was the lady’s solo career that started in 1982 with the criminally overlooked “Marcella” and reached proper heights when “Jewel” saw the light of day in 1994.

The Chris Thomas-produced album that celebrated its three-decade anniversary in March was Marcy’s first release after she parted company with Siobhan Fahey and featured Detroit’s own compositions and a smattering of covers she delivered with the support from the great ensemble comprised of Phil Manzanera, Phil Spalding and Chuck Sabo as well as a couple of famous guests. On “Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing” the chanteuse shared the limelight with Elton John, whereas two other songs got fleshed out with Jools Holland’s ivories – only the record’s success could be more impressive. Still, from today’s perspective it fares much better, so June 21st is the date when when its expanded reissue will reach the shelves. Spread across two CDs are, alongside remastered “Jewel” and single sides, fresh cuts, remixes, concert numbers and working sketches – although some tracks from “The Original Demo Recordings” the singer independently put out in 2014 don’t seem to land here (the colored vinyl version is limited to the classic 13 pieces). Anyway, a worthy upgrade of the musical gem.

30th Anniversary Edition

CD 1:
1. Jewel
2. I Believe
3. Perfect World
4. Art Of Melancholy
5. James Brown
6. Detroit
7. Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing
8. I’m No Angel
9. I Want To Take You Higher
10. You Don’t Tell Me Everything
11. Cool People
12. Out Of My Mind
13. Prima Donna
14. I Feel Free
15. Shadow
16. Break The Chain
17. Monday Morning
18. You Own The Moon
19. Crucify Me

CD 2:
1. I Believe (acoustic)
2. I’m No Angel (acoustic)
3. Out Of My Mind (acoustic)
4. Perfect World (acoustic)
5. You Don’t Tell Me Everything (acoustic)
6. Lay Down Sally
7. Stay (Live At Jazz Café, 1994)
8. Second Class Citizen
9. Prima Donna (longer version)
10. Perfect World ’95 (radio mix)
11. Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing (Kenny Dope extended mix)
12. I Feel Free (Full Cream mix)
13. I Want To Take You Higher (Vertigo mix)
14. Perfect World ’95 (Youth’s vocal Session)
15. I Feel Free (Panic In Detroit mix)
16. I Believe (Natural Mystic mix)

April 4, 2024

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