March 1, 2009


There’s been a new trend unfurling for a couple of years now: peforming a full album live – in its original running order but with a few embellishments. DEEP PURPLE did it, DIO did it, even DREAM THEATER did it – not with their own stuff, though, but with the classics of those PURPLE, FLOYD and more. This time, it would be  Glenn Hughes who’s up to covering himself and his former colleagues of – again – DEEP PURPLE with the rendition of 1974’s LP, “Burn”. That’ll be on May 6th in Kavarna, Bulgaria. Glenn used to sing the title cut before, so there’s no doubt the man’ll manage it. Yet the great trick of the album was Hughes and David Coverdale‘s vocal harmonies which, of course, won’t be reproduced now.



He was quite a character in the band often perceived as one-character band, but in Kelly Groucutt ELO had somebody special not only musically, with his bass and voice locking in with Jeff Lynne’s vision since the “Eldorado” tour, but personally. For some insight, the drummer Bev Bevan’s autobio is the recommended read, yet the sounds on the records are no less enlightening. More so now, when Kelly passed away on Ferbruary 19th after a heart attack, aged 63. He will be sorely missed by many fans.


What is the best way of keeping a memory of an artist alive than to keep releasing his works? Not so with the Voiceprint group of labels who, after John Martyn‘s death last month announced there’d be no new recordings out on his One World subsidiary and no re-pressing of the existing releases. What a disgrace!

March 1, 2009

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