March 11, 2004


They seem to be growing bigger and bigger – like some 35 years ago. Last year WISHBONE ASH set their fans drooling with the "Almighty Blues", and now it’s time to be salivating once again. By the end of the spring there will be another DVD release: “Phoenix Rising” will include some classic tracks which for contractual reasons didn’t make it onto “Almighty Blues”, but what makes it much more worthwhile is a smattering of previously unreleased footage from the ’70s when the band were flying high. A must for the twin-guitars freaks.

“Mean Fiddler”, 2003:
1. The King Will Come
2. Phoenix
3. Living Proof
4. Wings Of Desire
5. Ballad Of The Beacon
6. Blowin’ Free
7. Bad Weather Blues
“Old Grey Whistle Test”, 1971:
8. Vas Dis
9. Jail Bait
ABC Australia, 1972:
10. Blowin’ Free
Bristol, 1989:
11. Cosmic Jazz
12. Why Don’t We
13. Real Guitars Have Wings

Meanwhile, the WISHBONE ASH guitarist Ben Granfelt put out his own anthology, “The Past Experience 1994-2004”.


There’s no need for Terry Reid‘s story to be told again: a great singer whose voice might challenge Steve Marriott’s had many misfortunes – and declining an offer to join Jimmy Page band which became LED ZEPPELIN is just one of those. But that was after Terry worked for Micky Most and released two brilliantly eclectic albums, “Bang, Bang, It’s Terry Reid” and “Terry Reid”. Some years ago they’ve been re-issued by Repertoire Records, yet now come out in one package, a double CD “Super Lungs: The Complete Studio Recordings 1966-69”, embellished with a dozen bonus tracks including some recorded just recently, in 2003.

Previously unreleased cuts marked (*).

CD 1:

1. It’s Gonna Be Morning *
2. I’ll Take Good Care Of You *
3. Funny How Time Slips Away*
4. Just Walk In My Shoes *
5. The Hand Don’t Fit the Glove
6. This Time
7. Better By Far
8. Fire’s Alive
9. Bang, Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
10. Tinker Taylor
11. Erica
12. Without Expression
13. Sweater
14. Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart
15. Season Of The Witch
16. Writing On The Wall / Summertime Blues
17. When I Get Home
18. Loving Time
19. Without Expression (2003 mix)

CD 2:

1. Superlungs My Supergirl
2. Silver White Light
3. July
4. Marking Time
5. Stay With Me Baby
6. Highway 61 Revisited / Friends / Highway 61 Revisited
7. May Fly
8. Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace
9. Rich Kid Blues
10. Highway 61 Revisited (2003 mix)
11. Funny How Time Slips Away (demo) *
12. I’ll Take Good Care of You (demo) *
13. Ain’t That Peculiar *
14. I’ve Got News For You *
15. Summer Sequence *
16. Zodiac Blues *
17. Penny *
18. Rich Old Lady *

There’s a recording of Reid’s set at the legendary Isle of Wight festival is out soon – check back for the information.

March 11, 2004

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