March 15, 2005


It’s only make believe, the seriousness of Robert Plant‘s music is a fata morgana. The proof comes out on May 2nd in Europe and on the 10th over the Pond in form of an album called “Mighty Rearranger”. A fooling thing as, unlike, 2003’s "Dreamland", this record, done with THE STRANGE SENSATION, holds only original material. But savor the titles like “Tin Pan Valley” to get the taste of things! Or just download the first single, “Shine it All Around” from the iTunes. All in all, the tracks run as follows:

1. Another Tribe
2. Shine It All Around
3. Freedom Fries
4. Tin Pan Valley
5. All The King’s Horses
6. The Enchanter
7. Takamba
8. Dancing In Heaven
9. Somebody Knocking
10. Let The Four Winds Blow
11. Mighty Rearranger


The YES fans might get in dire situation this year which will demand to unload some stash of cash to get hold of all the aural and visual riches that come their way.

Alright, the special “two-in-one” edition of 2004’s DVDs “YesSpeak” and “Acoustic” can be excluded from the immediate wishlist, as well as a re-issue of Rick Wakeman‘s  "Journey To The Centre Of The Earth" DVD, although it includes a footage from the last year’s reunion of the classic ENGLISH ROCK ENSEMBLE line-up, with Ashley Holt and Gary Pickford-Hopkins. What prog lovers won’t allow themselves to live without are something very special.

May 23rd will see the release of Steve Howe’s REMEDY “Live” DVD. It wasn’t only one studio album for the guitarist’s new band; Steve not only take his sons, drummer Dylan and keyboardist Virgil, on the road, but roped in – to help him out with the six-string work – the famous Ray Fenwick. So there’s a great on-stage performance augmented with additional features, “Acoustic” and “Tour Story”. Surely, a must-have item.

The same qualities should lurk in Jon Anderson‘s “Work In Progress – Tour Of The Universe” DVD, a concept one – what else can come from the Pied Piper of YES? Hopefully, it won’t fall on its fantastic face as did Rick’s “Out There” programme, but previously unreleased versions of both Jon’s solo and the band material will make it worthwhile anyway. The release date is set for June 20th, and that’s what will be in there:

1. Harmony
2. Long Distance Runaround
3. Father Sky
4. Standing Still
5. Bring On The Day
6. Don’t Think Twice
7. Yours Is No Disgrace
8. State Of Independence
9. This Is
10. Set Sail
11. Nous Sommes Du Soleil
12. Show Me
13. Your Move
14. White Buffalo
15. And You And I
16. Moonsong

And all of this is the peripheral stuff, “The Word Is Live” isn’t. A 3CD box set scheduled to be out on May 10th features the best of YES in concert – from the classic years. There”s no official word on it yet, while the tentative tracklisting slipped out from the Rhino offices. Stop, look and listen – and cry ‘Yes!’

CD 1:

Early Touring (previously released
1. Then (John Peel Show, March 12th, 1970)
2. For Everyone (John Peel Show, March 12th, 1970)
The Yes Album tour
3. Astral Traveller (Sweden, January 24th, 1971)
4. Everydays (Sweden, January 24th, 1971)
5. Yours Is No Disgrace (London, July 31st, 1971)
6. I’ve Seen All Good People (London, July 31st, 1971)
7. America (London, July 31st, 1971)
8. It’s Love (London, July 31st, 1971)

CD 2:

Solo albums tour
9. Apocalypse (Detroit, August 17th, 1976)
10. Siberian Khatru (Detroit, August 17th, 1976)
11. Sound Chaser (Detroit, August 17th, 1976)
“Relayer” tour
12. Sweet Dreams (London, May 10th, 1975)
“Tormato” tour
13. Future Times / Rejoice (Oakland, October 8th, 1978)
14. Circus Of Heaven (Inglewood, October 5th, 1978)
15. The Big Medley (Inglewood, October 5th, 1978)
– Time And A Word
– Long Distance Runaround
– Survival
– The Fish
– Perpetual Change
– Soon
16. Hello, Chicago (Chicago, June 10th, 1979)
17. Roundabout (Chicago, June 10th, 1979)

CD 3:

18. Heart Of The Sunrise (Oakland, October 8th, 1978)
19. Awaken (Chicago, June 10th, 1979)
“Drama” tour (from an FM radio broadcast)
20. Go Through This (New York, September 6th, 1980)
21. We Can Fly From Here (New York, September 6th, 1980)
22. Tempus Fugit (New York, September 6th, 1980)
“Big Generator” tour
23. Rhythm Of Love (Houston, February 19th, 1988)
24. Hold On (Houston, February 19th, 1988)
25. Shoot High, Aim Low (Houston, February 19th, 1988)
26. Make It Easy / Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Houston, February 19th, 1988)

And that’s not all, still. “35th Anniversary Concert – Songs From Tsongas” DVD, filmed in May 2004 and containing selections from the stage show, as well as the rehearsals footage and interviews with the band and Roger Dean, is set for April 12th release… While another DVD, “9012Live”, must hit the shelves on August 23rd. Theirs is no disgrace, really.


Snowy White is one of the most underestimated guitarists – ever! – his stint with THIN LIZZY, touring with PINK FLOYD and supplying licks for too-ill-to-play Peter Green’s records. In the recent years, though, Snowy gained a great reputation with THE WHITE FLAMES project of his. Now, they come up with a brilliant record called“The Way It Is” that features ex-Jeff Beck and Jack Bruce keyboardist Max Middleton and Rabbit Bundrick, the ivory tinkler with FREE, CRAWLER and, for many years up to now, THE WHO. Note a cover of Greeny’s masterpiece “Black Magic Woman”.

1. No Stranger To The Blues
2. Bird of Paradise
3. Black Magic Woman
4. What I’m Searching For
5. Angel Inside You (pt. 1)
6. Angel Inside You (pt. 2)
7. Falling
8. The Way It Is
9. A Piece Of Your Love
10. This Time Of My Life
11. Easy
12. Sweet Bluesmaker


FLASH were a great band – or are, as Ray Bennett resurrected the ensemble in 2003, and they work on a new album. The first time around, though, it was ex-YES’ Peter Banks who called the guys to arms… or to what body parts were depicted on their albums’ sleeves. Massive in a studio, the real zeal of FLASH emerged on stage, yet the group’s live recordings are close to zilch. The more valuable, then, will be the “Two Sides Of Flash – Live In The USA” 2CD set comprised of previously unreleased performances from 1973. The fine stuff will be released soon.

Disc 1:

1. Introduction
2. Small Beginnings
3. Black And White
4. There No More
5. Children Of The Universe
6. Dreams Of Heaven (Pt. 1 – Jam)
7. Dreams Of Heaven (Pt. 2 – Song)

Disc 2:

1. Introduciton
2. Children Of The Universe
3. Black And White
4. Dead Ahead
5. The Bishop
6. Psychosync
7. Manhattan Morning
8. Dreams Of Heaven (Pt. 1 – Jam)
9. Dreams Of Heaven (Pt. 2 – Song)
10. Small Beginnings
11. Announcements


March 1, 2005


Wrapping up some years of digging in the past, JETHRO TULL ram their re-issue programme near the end. April 11th will see three of the band’s ’80s albums out in remastered form. Not favored much by the fans due to the change in the melody style and massive use of synthesizers, on these records Ian Anderson nevertheless steered his locomotive as firm as ever, directly to grabbing Grammy for 1987’s “Crest Of A Knave” in the… heavy metal nomination. For the same matter of un-expectancy, the new versions come sprinkled with bonus material, with most of the songs known to die-hard fans from 1988’s “20 Years Of Jethro Tull” box set, now quite rare yet still highly recommended. The scarcity of bonus tracks on the latter records is due to the coming of digital era and arrival of compact discs that can house more cuts than vinyl. So here they are:
“Broadsword And The Beast” (1982)
Jack Frost And The Hooded Crow
Mayhem Maybe
Too Many Too
Rhythm In Gold
I’m Your Gun
Down At The End Of Your Road
“Under Wraps” (1984)
Lap Of Luxury (video)
“Crest Of A Knave” (1987)
Part Of The Machine

Before the new bunch of remasters, TULL aficionados will have the opportunity to part with some sum of money to introduce one more great item into their collection. On March 21st, in the steps of the “Nothing Is Easy – Live At The Isle Of Wight 1970” CD comes a DVD of that great perfornance, only a part of which has been previously available on the “Message To Love – The Island Of Wight Festival”. Early TULL were quite different from what many of us got used to see, and this footage captured them in the transitional perioud from progressive jazz and blues apprenticeship to the blistering greatness.

1. My Sunday Feeling
2. My God
3. With You There to Help Me
4. To Cry You A Song
5. Bouree
6. Dharma For One
7. Nothing Is Easy
8. Medley:
– We Used to Know
– For a Thousand Mothers


A wizard, a star, that’s what Marc Bolan was and that’s how Ringo Starr captured him in 1972 in the ex-Beatle directed film, “Born To Boogie”. It became a legend in itself – not least due to the fact that the movie has been long unavailable in decent form, the latest official release seemingly dating back to the 1992’s VHS. Not too many people knew there’s a restoration work been going on for more than two years, which results on May 16th in the “Born To Boogie” DVD and CD. Remastered by T.REX producer, Tony Visconti, and overseen by Marc’s only child, Rolan Bolan, it’s an aural and visual feast. Among the material featured on the 5 h 25 m DVD are two documentaries, the March 18th, 1972 Wembley concert in its entirety and whole lotta rare and previously unseen footage including a jam session with Elton John raging through Little Richard’s “Tutti Frutti” and REX’s own “Children Of The Revolution”. As for the companion double CD, it comprises restored movie soundtrack, that same matinee show, as recorded and remixed by Tony Visconti, and a 1971 interview with the Elvish One, not included on the DVD. Solid gold easy action!

Soon on the site: what Marc Bolan meant for Doro Pesch. The Warlock Lady interview.

Disc 1:

Born To Boogie – The Motion Picture
– original and remastered soundtrack
– audio commentary
– Jeepster
– Baby Strange
– Tutti Frutti
– Children Of The Revolution
– Spaceball Ricochet
– Telegram Sam
– Cosmic Dancer
– The Slider
– Hot Love
– Get It On
– Chariot Choogle
The Wembley Concert, evening 18/3/1972
– Cadilac
– Girl
– Summertime Blues
Born To Boogie Trailer
Original cinema trailer

Disc 2:

The Wembley Concert, matinee 18/3/1972
– entire extra concert
Cosmic Rock – When T.Rex Ruled The World
Re-Born To Boogie – Restoration Documentary
Outtakes and Deleted scenes:
“The Eater Of Cars”
“More Tea, Anyone?”
“Apple Outtakes”
Video and audio demonstrations
Multi-Cam, multi-Audio options
“Before And After” video and audio tracks
rare and never before seen footage and Easter Eggs



While many a young musician likes it lazy, some veteran rockers aren’t prone to slow their pace down.
Glenn Hughes, having recently released another album, “Soul Mover”, is currently on tour, and those who flock to see the Funkmeister play report of buying his new live record, “Freak Flag Flying”. Notched for posterity in 2003, during the four-day “Love and Homecoming Tour” of UK and tellingly bearing a line of “Can’t Stop The Flood” for a title, it’s similar to the last year’s “Soulfully Live In The City Of Angels” but done on-stage rather than in a bit sterile studio environment. Now, the CD can be purchased only at the concert venues, yet once the tour is over,“FFF” is to go on the open sale.

1. In My Blood
2. Higher Places
3. Seaful / Beyond the Numb
4. Written All Over Your Face
5. Can’t Stop The Flood
6. Seventh Star
7. Mistreated
8. Getting Tighter
9. You Keep On Moving
10. Wherever You Go

People following Hughes’s soul moves know Glenn’s never-to-be-fulfilled promises to stop taking part in various tribute projects, but the artist’s so effusive he just can’t do that not. Next album Hughes is on is a tribute to PINK FLOYD’s 1979’s masterpiece, “The Wall”, currently being produced by YES’ associate Billy Sherwood. No word as of yet of what song Glenn does; earlier, though, he covered “Yong Lust” – off “The Wall”. Other participants in the project include such noteworthy drummers as Vinnie Colaiuta, Aynsley Dunbar and YES’ own Alan White. White plays on “In the Flesh”, “Hey You” and “Mother”, two latter featuring Geoff Downes and John Wetton who only recently finished work on their first real post-ASIA album, “Icon”.

Another unstoppable music machine is Rick Wakeman. Sometimes putting out to seven records a year during last decade, these days The Caped Wizard channels his energy out again with YES, but the recording he’s done in the ’90s continue to flow in. A new one, a piano album “Live at Lincoln Cathedral”, appears on two discs with the same content, though the second one is different, coming in DTS surround sound for the greater binaural experience. Yet isn’t it music, not sound, that matters, after all?

1. Soul Mortality
2. Dance Of The Imps
3. Gifts From Heaven
4. The All Mighty Almighty
5. Dawn And Dusk
6. The Da Vinci Variations


As it was reported on these pages before, on May 6th The Royal Festival Hall in London will see the public gathering of Peter Hammill, David Jackson, Guy Evans and Hugh Banton, or VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR for the first time in almost 30 years to present their new album, cunningly entitled “Present”. Out ten days before the show, on April 25th, the album’s first disc consists of songs and the second contains instrumental pieces. all recorded in Hammill’s studio. Not for quaint-hearted, as usual, should we assume?

CD One – Songs:
1. Every Bloody Emperor
2. Boleas Panic
3. Nutter Alert
4. Abandon Ship!
5. In Babelsberg
6. On The Beach
CD Two – Improvisations:
1. Vulcan Meld
2. Double Bass
3. Slo Moves
4. Architectural Hair
5. Spanner
6. Crux
7. Manuelle
8. ‘Eavy Mate
9. Homage To Teo
10. The Price Of Admission


Many know Jake E. Lee as a guitarist who effectively took on a hard task of replacing Randy Rhoads in Ozzy Osbourne’s band, yet Jake’s a master in his own right. The fact’s even more obvious with “Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebel” tribute album, to be released soon. Still, while younger slingers sing hosannah to Lee, he doesn’t lie on the laurels and pays homage to his own heroes. Out in April is a covers collection the guitarist has cut in a glorious company of Aynsley Dunbar on drums, VANILLA FUDGE’s Tim Bogert on bass and ex-MSG Chris Logan handling the singing. The title is yet to be announced, yet the content’s already known:

1. Way Back To The Bone (TRAPEZE)
2. I’ll Be Creepin (FREE)
3. Love Is Worth Blues (Leslie West)
4. Evil (CACTUS)
5. I’ll come tumblin’ (GRAND FUNK RAILROAD)
6. Hard Way To Go (SAVOY BROWN)
7. Woman (JAMES GANG)
8. Rock Candy (MONTROSE)
9. Guess I’ll Go Away (Johnny Winter)
10. Whiskey Train (PROCOL HARUM)
11. I Can’t Stand It (Robin Trower)


For the band whose lifespan leaks into the fourth decade, AC/DC aren’t so well-served with video-history. To mend the matter nicely, released on March 29th is “Family Jewels”, a double DVD that’s a real treasure-trove for everyone crazy about this man in schoolboy uniform Angus and his bunch of rogues, especially the wanton one, Bon, who got away so early…

Disc 1 – 1975-1980:

1. Baby Please Don’t Go (TV show ‘75)
2. show Business (live ‘75)
3. High Voltage (video ‘75)
4. It’s A Long Way To The Top (video ‘76)
5. T.N.T. (TV show ‘76)
6. Jailbreak (video ‘76)
7. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (TV show ‘76)
8. Dog Eat Dog (TV show ‘77)
9. Let There Be Rock (video ‘77)
10. Rock ‘N’ Roll Damnation (video ‘78)
11. Sin City (TV show ‘78)
12. Riff Raff (live ‘78)
13. Fling Thing/Rocker (live ‘78)
14. Whole Lotta Rosie (live ‘78)
15. Shot Down In Flames (video ‘79)
16. Walk All Over You (video ‘79)
17. Touch Too Much (video ‘79)
18. If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It) (video ‘79)
19. Girls Got Rhythm (TV show ‘80)
20. Highway To Hell (TV show ‘80)

Disc 2 – 1980-1990:

1. Hells Bells (video ‘80)
2. Back In Black (video ‘80)
3. What Do You Do For Money Honey (video ‘80)
4. Rock And Roll Ain’t Noise Polluction (video ‘80)
5. Let’s Get It Up (live ‘81)
6. For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) (live ‘83)
7. Flick Of The Switch (video ‘83)
8. Nervous Shakedown (video ‘83)
9. Fly On The Wall (video ‘85)
10. Danger (video ‘85)
11. Sink The Pink (video ‘85)
12. Stand Up (video ‘85)
13. Shake Your Foundations (video ‘85)
14. Who Made Who (video ‘86)
15. You Shook Me All Night Long (video ‘86)
16. Heatseeker (video ‘88)
17. That’s The Way I Wanna Rock N Roll (video ‘88)
18. Thunderstruck (video ‘90)
19. Moneytalks (video ‘90)
20. Are You Ready (video ‘91)

March 15, 2005

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