March 17, 2009


Thirteen years on since Rory Gallagher passed away, the interest in his works grows and grows. At the moment, according to his brother and manager Donal, the guitarist-related projects include the second volume of his tablature book and the documentary that’s been in the making for some time. More so, Donal Gallagher’s been approached about shooting a feature film on Rory’s life and started working with director Declan Quinn – but that’ll take some years.

Meanwhile, the Irish legend’s band’s last line-up of David Levy, Richard Newman, Mark Feltham and Geraint Watkins might be the backing ensemble of  Bernie Marsden who’s recording right now and going to tour in a couple of months. There’s two records in the pipeline, one a solo rock album. the other featuring covers of the classics by Rory as well as Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower, Johnny Winter, CREAM, JAMES GANG and MOUNTAIN, plus the new version of the hit single “Na Na Na”, which Bernie laid down with Cozy Powell back in 1974, with some of the players being Jimmy Copley on drums and Neil Murray on bass.


There’s a new band been bubbling for some time with three Brit rock veterans having a ball. These are THE YARDBIRDS’ heavy hitter Jim McCarty, his RENAISSANCE cohort John Hawken, more famous for his work with THE NASHVILLE TEENS and recently THE STRABWS, on keyboards and THE ANIMALS’ guitarist Hilton Valentine. They already recorded five songs to be out soon, including Jim’s “It All Comes Around” which will be the B-side for the combo’s first single, Graham Gouldman’s “You Stole My Love”. Feels teasin’!


After much speculation, the DEEP PURPLE next archive DVD is planned for the June release. Unlike previous ones that focused on the Mk II and Mk III eras and had long main feature, “History, Hits & Highlights ’68-’76” will be a mixed bag with the goodies culled from rather different sources including some clips which are out on the first two DVDs and some cut out from entire films such as the one from Leeds University in 1974 and Tokyo in 1975. Are these spared for the future? The latest addition to the project is 90 seconds of “Highway Star” – straight from recently discovered reels, seven all in all, of silent 8mm footage filmed at August 1972 Japanese concerts. The minute-and-a-half is, unfortunately, all that’s sync’ed to well-known audio, the rest being 26 minutes of short excerpts from various songs which might be used later on for a “Made In Japan” documentary.

Disc 1:

1. Help (Danish TV)
2. Hush (Playboy After Dark)
3. Wring That Neck (Canadian TV)
4. Hallelujah (Beat Club)
5. Mandrake Root (Southbank)
6. Speed King (WDR Vicky Leandros)
7. Black Night (Top Of The Pops)
8. Child In Time (Doing Their Thing)
9. Lazy (Copenhagen)
10. Strange Kind Of Woman (Top Of The Pops)
11. Fireball writing session (silent) (Australian TV)
12. Fireball (Disco ZDF)
13. Demon’s Eye (RBB Germany)
14. No No No (Beat Club)
15. Into The Fire (RBB Germany)
16. Never Before (filmclip)
17. Highway Star (Beat Club)
18. Smoke On The Water (Hofstra)
19. Burn (London / Polytechnic Project)
20. Mistreated (California Jam)
21. Love Child (Tokyo 1975)
22. You Keep On Moving (Tokyo 1975)

Disc 2:

1. And The Address (Playboy After Dark)
2. Wring That Neck (Bilzen Jazz Festival 1969)
3. Wring That Neck (Pop Deux’ Paris 1970)
4. Mandrake Root (Pop Deux’ Paris 1970)
5. Black Night (promo clip)
6. No No No (Rockpalast rehearsals)
7. Jt Nuit’ French TV 1974 (INA France)
8. Burn (Leeds Polytechnic 1974)
9. Interview (Leeds Polytechnic 1974)
10. Space Truckin’ (Leeds Polytechnic 1974)
11. New Zealand TV Doc 1975
12. Smoke On The Water (New Zealand TV 1975)
13. Tony Edwards interview (French TV 1976)


They were the only rock band to have ever played at the Old Vic theater, in July 1974, but a couple of years later GRYPHON ended their prowl. Back into the action in 2007, the medieval swingers have yet to come up with a new album they promised then, but on June 6th they will come down at The Queen Elizabeth Hall, in London, with a reunion concert – which might be the sign of the record finally arriving. The mushrumps might be tasty still!


It was hard to imagine a stranger pairing than Keith Emerson and  Glenn Hughes  who have a joint neither in prog rock nor in funk nor in metal, though the both can’t be denied a certain heaviness. The missing link there was Marc Bonilla who played guitar with both and featured on Emo’s latest outing. Back in 1998, Glenn joined Keith’s band with Marc onboard for two shows, and it’s there that “Boys Club – Live From California” comes from. It can be ordered from the keyboard wiz’s online store, signed by Emo, yet this version lacks “Afterburner” and “Dreams” tagged onto the European version which is going to be out soon. The interesting release has both Highes’ and Emerson’s compositions, plus a cover of “A Whiter Shade Of Pale”, two great takes of which – instrumental and with Glenn’s vocals – have been issued on Bonilla’s “American Matador” album.

1. Afterburner
2. Long Journey Home
3. Hoedown
4. A Whiter Shade Of Pale
5. White Noise
6. Cover Me
7. Nutrocker
8. Tarkus
9. Dreams
10. Middle Of A Dream


Mentioned on this pages before, now there’s a cover artwork and a full traklisting for the first studio HEAVEN & HELL album, “The Devil You Know”, out on April 28th, have been published. The artwork is more in Dio than BLACK SABBATH – which the band essentially are – vein, and posting the players’ names on the cover seems rather strange after the decision to not work under the SABS moniker, but it’s the music that matters.

1. Atom And Evil
2. Fear
3. Bible Black
4. Double The Pain
5. Rock And Roll Angel
6. The Turn Of The Screw
7. Eating The Cannibals
8. Follow The Tears
9. Neverwhere
10. Breaking Into Heaven

March 17, 2009

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