March 18, 2011


Having released a new album, “Big Dogz”, in 2011 and finished their reissue programme, now NAZARETH tour the U.K. – after quite long absence – but this year promises to bring on new goodies from the rocking Scots: a TV documentary and DVD, recorded in Prague. Fingers crossed: God knows, this band deserve their story to be told while the journey continues.


It’s the best tribute to any artist – to have a festival in his name. And that’s how it is with Rory Gallagher whose music will be celebrated from May 31st to June 31st in Ballyshannon, where the legendary guitarist was born. The line-up is impressive this year, as the headliners include the Irish folk-rock kings HORSLIPS and ex-THIN LIZZY axe slinger Brian Robertson, plus, from England, DR. FEELGOOD and former Rolling Stone Mick Taylor. The blues are to be hot, then!


John Trevor Midgley, or John Peel’s protege Beau, is making waves now as he was when he delivered such gems as  "Creation". On April 14th he puts out last year’s "The Way It Was", previously only available in digital format, on 180-gram vinyl. Here’s a completely new sleeve designed by Paul Whitehead to take full advantage of the twelve-inch layout. More exciting still is the news of Beau playing his first concert in 30 years to celebrate the release – on the same day, April 14th at Lichfield Vinyl Night. Hopefully, the veteran will record it.

March 18, 2012

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