March 19, 2012


1995 is marked in black in the history of SMOKIE. The band’s tour bus crashed in Germany, and their singer Alan Barton died of injuries. But recently it became clear that his legacy’s richer than everybody thought it was. Al’s son Dean Barton was contacted by guitarist Andy Whelan who found Barton Sr.’s tapes in his possession – not in the best of states. Yet those have been salvaged and completed by Andy, Dean and their band, SPIRIT OF SMOKIE to be out now as “Room With A View”. Two tracks on the album are Alan’s original demos; one, “Small Town Boy”, is his creation but doesn’t feature him; another one, “All Out Of Love”, is a co-write by the late vocalist and SMOKIE bassist Terry Uttley. More than just a memory, then. Expect the review here.

1. Come For Me
2. Sacred Heart
3. Highways And Heartaches
4. Send Me An Angel
5. My Baby’s Got
6. Storm Damage
7. I.O.U
8. All Out Of Love
9. Stay With Me Til Dawn
10. Small Town Boy
bonus tracks – original stereo mixes:
11. Long Way Home
12. All Through The Night

March 19, 2012

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