March 29, 2001


Despite all the rumours circulating now for almost a year, there won’t be no new album by THE WHO. Rumours had it as if band were set to work to not release the recordings if the three wouldn’t satisfied with the results.

However, Pete Townshend said that, while he’s busy with his own projects, there wasn’t any collaboration between him, Roger Daltrey and John Entwistle. Roger, indeed, showed the guitarist three “very good” songs but there was none from John The Ox.


Universal Island begins a comprehensive Bob Marley re-issue programme on April 16 with a deluxe edition of “Catch A Fire”album by Marley and THE WAILERS.

The album was the band’s first for Chris Blackwell’s Island label and put the roots reggae sound to the major music scene, while Marley gained the superstar status.

The 2CD remastered re-issue of “Catch A Fire” features the original UK mix of the album, plus the unreleased Jamaican version recorded in 1972, which has been remixed by THE WAILERS’ sound man Errol Brown. Moreover, there are two extremely rare cuts, “High Tide Or Low Tide” and “All Day All Night”. The set is graced by luxurious digipak with the original artwork, plus extensive sleeve notes, new photographs, complete credits and lyrics.

The tracklisting is as following:

The Unreleased Jamaican Versions

1. Concrete Jungle
2. Stir It Up
3. High Tide Or Low Tide
4. Stop That Train
5. 400 Years
6. Baby We’ve Got A Date (Rock It Baby)
7. Midnight Ravers
8. All Day All Night
9. Slave Driver
10. No More Trouble
11. Kinky Reggae

The Released Album

1. Concrete Jungle
2. Slave Driver
3. 400 Years
4. Stop That Train
5. Baby We’ve Got A Date (Rock It Baby)
6. Stir It Up
7. Kinky Reggae
8. No More Trouble
9. Midnight Ravers


Mark Boals, a great singer, who had his share of fame with Yngwie Malmsteen, and currently in the studio with the band RING OF FIRE named after his last year’s solo album, now is honoured with two official sites.

The first is his Japanese homepage “Rock’n’Roll Circuit” re-arranged, it’s at, while the second’s dedicated to… yes, to RING OF FIRE and settled on The band’s album is to be finished soon and the musicians working on it alongside Mark are guitarist George Bellas, keyboard player Vitalij Kuprij and star drummer Virgil Donati.

March 29, 2001

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