March 6, 2002


There are two ROYAL HUNT-related projects are being brewed at Frontiers Records.

The first is the second solo album from the band helmsman, Andre Andersen, called “Black On Black”. The album, scheduled for release in June, is in the vein of melodic metal and on vocals features Ian Parry. The songs will be these:
Coming Home, Tell Me Why, Arena, Desperate Times, Life, Black On Black, Eclipse, Sail Away, Piece Of My Heart.

The second project, named EARTHMAKER, is a solo album too – this time from the HUNT’s voice, John West . A line-up for this one is quite impressive, as their talents to it lended Chris Caffery of SAVATAGE, Mike Chlasciak, Ray Riendau and Bobby Jarzombek of HALFORD fame, Lonnie Park who played with West on the late Cozy Powell’s album. Moreover, there should be featured SAVATAGE’s Jeff Plate, West’s ARTENSION partner Vitalij Kuprij, and HUNT’s own Andre Andersen and Steen Mogesen. As of tracks, they tentatively go like this:
Sleep Of The Dead, Earthmaker, Soul To Soul, Love Is Pain, Stand Sentinel, Soul Of The Beast, Warrior Spirit, White Man Red Man, Mystic Wings, When Worlds Collide, the latter interpolating keyboards duel between Andersen and Vitalij Kuprij.
The release date is set for late summer.


More exciting news from Frontiers Records concern the completion of the first part of Genius Rock Opera“A Human Into Dreams World”, which is being mixed now by Mike Slamer. In the eleventh hour the star-ridden line-up of singers was expanded with MECCA’s Joe Vana, who took over the King McChaos Consultant part, and ex-TRILLION Thom Griffin on harmony vocals. The tracklisting is:
Without Me Today, The Right Place, Paradox, Twin Spirits Land, All Your Acts, Dreams, My Pride, There’s A Human, Father, I’m Afraid.
With no release date as of yet, it’s ensured the album will be out by the end of the year.

And, at last, May 22nd will see the release of Dario Mollo’s and Tony Martin’s THE CAGE second album called “2”.


Approaching the 25th anniversary of the “God Save The Queen” single, SEX PISTOLS re-release their mighty anti-anthem right in time for Her Majesty Golden Jubilee on the British throne. The single is to see the light of day on May 27th, a week earlier than the PISTOLS box set comprising three CDs: one is to contain the “Never Mind The Bollocks” album plus sessions recordings, the second filled with rarities and interviews, and the third presents the live tracks harking back to 1976-1978.


It’s quite a long time since URIAH HEEP early rarities collection, “The Lansdowne Tapes”, hit the stores. Now, with the band’s profile on the rise again, comes a chance to delve deeper in the period with the enhanced, double CD edition of the album available at Terrapin Music. Much of the material did not appear on the original release while most of the newly added tracks have never been released before. And here it is:

CD 1:

1. Dreammare (intro)
2. Walking In Your Shadow (alt. mix 1)
3. Real Turned On (alt. mix 3)
4. I’ll Keep On Trying (alt. mix 2)
5. Wake Up, Set Your Sights (alt. mix)
6. Come Away Melinda (alt. version 1)
7. Lucy Blues (alt. version 2)
8. The Park (alt. version)
9. Here Am I (alt. version 2)
10. Lady In Black (alt. version – take 7)
11. Simon The Bullet Freak (alt. version 2)
12. What’s Within My Heart (alt. version 3)
13. What Should Be Done (alt. version 2)
14. Why (extended version)
15. Look At Yourself (alt. version 2)

CD 2:

1. Born In A Trunk (vocal version 1)
2. Magic Lantern (Parts 1, 2 and 3)
3. Astranaza – (Part 1)
4. Astranaza – (Part 2)
5. Schoolgirl
6. I Want You Babe (version 14)
7. Born In A Trunk (instrumental version 1)
bonus tracks
8. Lucy Blues (alt. version 1)
9. Come Away Melinda (alt. version 2)
10. What’s Within My Heart (alt. version 2)
11. What Should Be Done (alt. version 1)
12. Gypsy (alt. extended single mix)
13. High Priestess (alt. version)
14. Simon The Bullet Freak (alt. single version)
15. Look At Yourself (alt. single version)
16. Lady In Black (alt. single version)
17. Dreammare (outro)


Keeping on the HEEP note, the band’s former singer, JOHN LAWTON is mixing the unplugged album, a collaboration with guitarist Steve Dunning, which started at the December’s “Magician’s Birthday Party” fest. The tentative title of the album is “Steppin’ It Up” and it features KARNATAKA’s Steve Simmons on sax and HEEP keyboards wiz, Phil Lanzon. Spare for two new songs, “Don’t Kill The Fire” and “Shoulder To Cry On”, the album embraces URIAH and LUCIFER’S FRIEND classics as well as Lawton’s solo pieces:
One More Night, Still Payin’ My Dues, Firefly/Come Back To Me, Burning Ships, Wise Man, Feelings, Rain, Been Hurt, Tonight, Don’t Kill The Fire, Shoulder To Cry On, I’m Alive.
It has to be noted, “Tonight” is an unreleased HEEP track, while “Feelings” and “Been Hurt”, originally recorded by Lawton, saw the light of day with John Sloman on vocals.


In the last couple of years, SCORPIONS came up with an orchestra-ridden album and the acoustic one, but it’s still of major surprise that Deutsche behemoth will stage the musical, thus following in the wake of QUEEN. The premiere of “Wind Of Change” is set for 2004 at Berlin’s Metropolis Theater. Rudolf Schenker and Klaus Meine are writing fifteen new songs to fit the script alongside band’s classic tunes. The singer says, “The musical is supposed to bring the spectators to laugh and cry about the dramatic historical events, and we must find a way to express all these emotions musically.” As if hard rock is not enough for this purpose, SCORPS are likely to include hip hop and rap endeavours in the set.


London’s Christie auction is to sell a publically unknown BEATLES tape, a 32-minute recording of John Lennon working on “She Said, She Said”. Although 20 rough versions of the song written in 1965 after a Hollywood party on the tour are of extreme interest to the fans, neither Yoko Ono and Julian Lennon, nor EMI agreed to by the cassette from the collector who owns it. That’s why this gem will go on sale on April 30th at a reserve price of $215,000.

March 6, 2002

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