March 7, 2001


In the interview for “The Times” George Harrison said: “Later this year I will re-release newly-mastered versions of a lot of the back catalogue and hopefully have a new album out by November”. While the news about new material is not something to rely about in Harrison’s world, the re-release of back catalogue sounds great.


The Wizard of Oz namely Ozzy Osbourne decided to increase his presence in cyberspace. Oz signed a contract with the web portal to administer his online properties. Moreover, there are plans to develop a situation comedy built around the motley life of Mr. Osbourne.

The idea is to have the website focus on Ozzy’s real life, and the guys at hope that will produce a television series – tentatively titled “Ozzy And Harriet” in honour of Ozzie Nelson’s pioneering family sitcom. Ozzy rides the white hourse – it’s symbolic, of course!


Adam Wakeman, the son of one Rick, now has a site of his own, which bears the news on “The Revealing Songs Of YES. Vol. 1” project. It’s a tribute album – now already for some times in the works – dedicated to YES, produced by Adam and featuring guest vocals by Judie Tzuke, Chrissie Hammond, Dougie White, Eddie Hardin, Steve Overland and Damian Wilson. The album is due for release this summer.

Relentless father Rick also has a hand in the project playing Hammond on “Roundabout”.

The main band is Adam Wakeman on keyboards, Lee Pomeroy on bass, Richard Brook on drums and Ant Glynn on guitars.


LED ZEPPELIN and AEROSMITH have just had albums confirmed as reaching diamond status in the USA for sales of ten million copies. The albums awarded are “Led Zeppelin I” released in 1969 and “Aerosmith’s Greatest Hits” compilation of 1980.

March 7, 2001

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