Marco Mendoza Finds New Direction

There are many amazing musicians who are mainly known for playing in various high-profile ensembles but never getting to project their own personality onto a collective project, which is why their solo efforts are often revelatory. This is especially true when it comes to bassists such as Marco Mendoza: a participant of bands like JOURNEY, BLACK STAR RIDERS and WHITESNAKE, the 59-year-old has three albums released under his name, with the fourth slated to be issued on September 16th to further the veteran’s position in the ranks of rock.

Titled “New Direction” and picking up where 2018’s “Viva La Rock” left off, but also displaying the vestiges of “Second Skin” by supergroup ICONIC that was out in June, the record is produced, just like its predecessor, by Soren Andersen, and features GUN’s Tommy Gentry and PRETTY MAIDS’ Allan Tschicaja among others, so thrills seem guaranteed – again.

New Direction

1. Take It To The Limit
2. I Just Can’t Get Over You
3. Light It Up
4. Walk Next To You
5. Shoot For The Stars
6. All That I’m Living For
7. Free Ride
8. Can’t Explain It
9. Scream And Shout
10. New Direction

August 1, 2022

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