Marco Minnemann And Alex Lifeson Join Forces Once Again

If one was to describe the creative relationship between THE ARISTOCRATS drummer Marco Minnemann and RUSH guitarist Alex Lifeson, the tagline would be “instant rapport” – which is why, although the former seems to be busy with various projects and the latter has been recently involved with ENVY OF NONE, the veterans found strength and time to release “Malibu”: a freshly cut follow-up to their 2019 EP “Lovers Calling” – in its turn a continuation of what began two years earlier when Lifeson guested on Minnemann solo effort “Borrego.”


Described by Marco as having “a desert vibe/dark ambient/cinematic approach” and available currently on Bandcamp, his and Alex’s new piece is titled “Malibu” and is, actually, a remix of the song by the singer Kendall Yates who released it – with the help of Minnemann taking over not only drums but also guitars, keyboards and bass – in March 2022. Therefore, Lifeson added his signature licks to the single, elevating it as a result to new heights. See the preview below.

All of this should, of course, one day lead to a full-length collaboration between the German and Canadian artists, yet for now a piecemeal manner seems to be enough for them, if not for their fans.

May 10, 2022

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