Marco Minnemann: deep with “Eeps”

Marco Minnemann is one of the most outstanding drummers on the wrong side of truly famous, yet the man doesn’t get the recognition he deserves, despite having played with the best of hard rockers such as Tony MacAlpine and proggers like Steven Wilson. One third of THE ARISTOCRATS, last year Marco got some laurels as a cornerstone of another trio, Minnemann’s collaboration with Tony Levin and Jordan Rudess, all the while minding his solo career that runs back 15 years, and now the artiste has a new record up his sleeve. “Eeps” sees the drummer play every instrument on there and also casts him in the roles of composer and lyricist. Which is “awesome as hell” as Marco says.

This time the compact disc version of the album enriches the experience by expanding it to a whopping 18 tracks that look like this:



1. Cheap As F**k And Awesome As Hell
2. Oc Dc
3. Eeps
4. Live Ghost
5. Soul Dance
6. Obvious
7. Right On Time And Out Of Tune
8. Sushi Cat Doll
9. Sunshine
10. The Split
11. Painter
12. Dead Ghost
13. Douche
14. Synthetic Swans
15. When I Was Gone
bonus tracks – CD only:
16. 360 Degrees
17. Talking About LMR
18. Villain Vultures

July 1, 2014

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