Mark Stanway Publishes A Book

MARK STANWAY - Close To The Mark

MAGNUM may look like a serious band but at least one of the group’s members has a humorous bent. Boasting a rebellious spirit, keyboard player Mark Stanway is one hell of a raconteur and has a lot of stories to tell. Not only about the ensemble he plays with, if with two breaks, since  1980, but also about Phil Lynott, his partner in GRAND SLAM, Robert Plant and other luminaries.

Stanway keeps them close to his heart, which explains the title of the book the veteran’s just published: “Close To The Mark” – note the definite article. Richly illustrated – inside are more than 170 photos – the tome is only the first volume, so there will be more. Limited in run and signed by the author, it can be ordered via special website, where you’ll meet a funny Rodney Matthew character.

July 4, 2015

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