Martin Barre To Release A Live Album

One of the humblest masters of the six-string trade, Martin Barre has never tried to come from under the shadow of JETHRO TULL – not only because it would be impossible but also because his contribution to the band’s overall sound was so immense, and denying the guitarist’s past would be detrimental to his pride. That’s why Martin keeps on playing the classic tunes, tending to make less obvious choices while throwing in a few fan favorites when on stage. Of course, there’s much more to Barre, as last year’s "Road Less Travelled" brilliantly proved; only a concert recording from him was long overdue, as the veteran hasn’t issued any. Finally, April 5th will see the release of “Live At The Factory Underground” – a document of his October 2016 performance in a Norwalk, Connecticut studio.

Martin played an interesting set there which included not only TULL rarities such as “A Winter Snowscape” or “Love Story” and material from Barre’s then-fresh “Back To Steel” album but also tasty covers of BLIND FAITH’s “Can’t Find My Way Home” and the “Crossroads” blues. Looks like the record’s run is limited, so it must be essential for an aficionado.

MARTIN BARRE- Live At The Factory Underground

Live At The Factory Underground

1. Minstrel In The Gallery
2. Back To Steel
3. Can’t Find My Way Home
4. Peace And Quiet
5. Bad Man
6. Fat Man
7. Crossroads
8. Love Story
9. As Told By
10. A Winter Snowscape
11. Spanish Tears
12. Locomotive Breath
13. Aqualung

March 26, 2019

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