Martin Turner Reaches Out For The Sky

Since he parted company with WISHBONE ASH for the second time, Martin Turner‘s studio output hasn’t been too plentiful, his new music housed only on 1996’s “Walking The Reeperbahn,” while the bassist’s band’s live albums such as "The Garden Party" relied heavily on the material he wrote for his old group. That’s about to change with the September 4th release of “Written In The Stars” where the songs are not only fresh but clearly have, at least partially, some loose concept to unite them.

Composed and laid down with Turner’s current ensemble – featuring guitarists Danny Willson and Misha Nikolic and drummer Tim Brown – the album looks like this (read the review):

MARTIN TURNER - Written In The Stars

Written In The Stars

1. The Big Bang (Overture)
2. The Beauty Of Chaos
3. Written In The Stars
4. Lovers
5. Vapour Trail
6. The Lonely Star
7. For My Lady
8. Pretty Little Girls
9. Falling Sands
10. Mystify Me
11. Interstellar Rockstar

August 14, 2015

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