MATCHBOX – Going Down Town

Magnum Force 1985 / Angel Air 2016

MATCHBOX - Going Down Town

Going Down Town

British rockabilly bunch cut it fine, with lot of fire and a long way to go.

The late ’80s might have signalled the end for this band, but they’re still here. It took the ensemble some regrouping, though, to get back on track, and it’s telling that “Going Down Town” showed no sign of slowing and grinding to a halt. “This Is Where I’m Getting Off” that closes it is rather an excuse to go and recharge their batteries rather than a farewell, and there’s a lot of momentum between such a raucous finale and “Get Up And Get Out” whose sax-oiled jive sets the tone for the whole ride.

Upping the frenzy on the bossa nova-kissed “Roller Skating Sally” and infecting the bluesy “Stealing Hearts” with the same wiggle, the quintet add period gloss to their chosen genre on the likes of “Can’t Get Over You”- in a tongue-in-cheek manner, of course – yet “Nothing To Do But Rock And Roll All Day” comes on as simple as it gets. Vocal harmonies stacked around Graham Fenton’s mellifluous yelp and the sting of Gerry Hogan’s guitars, steel and otherwise, make “Flip Flop Floosie” irresistible and “Shooting Gallery” – penned by bassist Brian Hodgson, an original Rutle, and taken to the charts by Shakin’ Stevens in 1980 – a booming joy, while “Hot Love” snaps to the boogie shout-a-rama.

Hit and run is not a crime, then? Within the run of those catchy grooves, this line rings true, but them not snatching a hit with “Going Down Town” is a criminal thing.


March 24, 2016

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