May 1, 2001


Steve Hackett continues posting the mp3 files on his new page at, and these are the latest butch:

“Cassandra”: not the track off the  Steve HACKETT discography album but the rare 1993 reworking with Hackett’s then band plus Brian May, who shares the vocals with Steve and Chris Thompson.

“A Life In Movies”: the track was originally produced in 1991 for the “Guitar Speak III” album and released exclusively on that compilation.

“Rise Again”: mighty uptempo 6/8 shuffle from the "Darktown"“> album.

And there are more to come!


While YES are busy with getting their new album ready and working on the gelling with orchestra they will tour with, Sanctuary Records schedule for release on May 21st the compilation titled “Keys To The Studio Ascension” or, alternatively, “Keystudio”. The album comprises the studio tracks from the two volumes of “Keys To Ascension”, omitting the live recordings, and includes the restoration of Rick Wakeman’s orchestral introduction to “Children of Light”, and a bonus track “The Second Time Around”.

The full tracklisting is as such: “Foot Prints”, “Be The One”, “Mind Drive”, “Bring Me To The Power”, “Sign Language”, “That, That Is”, “Children Of Light” and “The Second Time Around”.


April, 30th saw the release of long-awaited album “The Return” from THE HENSLEY-LAWTON BAND. The album was recorded in London during last year’s Heepvention and contains the classic URIAH HEEP tracks as well as Ken Hensley‘s solo songs.

The songs are: “It’s Up To You”, “Stealin'”, “I’m Alive”, “The Return”, “The Wizard”, “July Morning”, “I Close My Eyes”, “Guard Your Heart”, “Easy Livin'”, “Lady In Black”, “Wise Man”, “Free’n’Easy” and “Gypsy”.

May 1, 2001

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