May 15, 2005


While bootlegs suggest otherwise, David Coverdale feels strong enough vocally to not only take WHITESNAKE back on the tour bus – with a new, uknown to many, bassist Uriah Duffy – but also put the band’s first DVD, “The Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues Show” and a limited edition live CD, the group’s second electric, after 1980’s “Live In The Heart Of The City” both recorded in October 2004 at the very same venue, London’s Hammersmith Apollo. The release date is set for July.
“I’m back with a mission”, says Snakey Dave, “It’s an appropriate time to reintroduce good, uplifting, positive rock ‘n’ roll”. Well, we’ll see.


In-between DEEP PURPLE and WHITESNAKE, there was an interesting endeavour by Jon Lord, his friend Tony Ashton and his family member Ian Paice. PAICE, ASHTON, LORD rolled mightily on two keyboards’ swing and rocked with the help of another Snake-to-be Bernie Marsden on guitar and Paul Martinez on bass. Their only studio album, 1977’s “Malice In Wonderland” didn’t set the world on fire, yet their live shows were sharp, even on the humor side of things. “BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert” CD allowed a glimpse into it, therefore the forthcoming DVD “Live In London” is more than welcome. Its main body is the “Sight & Sound” TV performance filmed in 1977, while side course which is the “Lifespan” documentary that sees the band both on- and off-stage is something precious too. Don’t hold your breath, though, the release may take very long, as the product is by the same label that’s been making two PURPLE titles, “California Jam” and “Live In Denmark”, for more than a year now. But there’s what’s to be there:

1. Ghost Story
2. On The Road Again
3. Silas And Jerome
4. Arabella
5. The Ballad Of Mr. Giver
6. I’m Gonna Stop Drinkin
7. Steamroller Blues
8. Malice In Wonderland
9. Remember The Good Times
10. Sneaky Private Lee


They’re strong band, LIVING LOUD, which is no surpise to the ones who know the players: Aussie belter Jimmy Barnes, URIAH HEEP skin-hitter Lee Kerslake, DEEP PURPLE string-shredder Steve Morse and ex-RAINBOW and Ozzy bass-shaker Bob Daisley. There were mixed feelings of their only studio album, but the concert CD“Live In Sydney 2004” to be released on July 3rd, following the DVD of the same show, promises to rock hard. Fans might want to wait some days and not buy it immediately, as three days later a 2-disc, limited edition version will appear, with the interviews on the bonus CD and improved artwork.

1. Hideaway
2. Lonesome Traveller Blues
3. Blues With A Feeling
4. You Got Good Business
5. Green Onions
6. 24/7 Blues
7. Baby Please Last Chance
8. I Don’t Know
9. Every Moment A Lifetime10. Crazy Train
11. In The Name Of God
12. Flying High Again
13. Pushed Me Too Hard
14. Mr. Crowley
15. Tonight
16. Walk Away
17. Over The Mountain
18. Gimme Some Lovin’
19. Good Times


It came to real fruition at last. Tony Iommi‘s first attempt to go solo, with Glenn Hughes vocal support, back in 1986, resulted in another BLACK SABBATH record,“Seventh Star”. The second try, ten years later, brought forth a bootleg called “Eighth Star” that had to be re-tooled and released in 2004 as “The DEP Sessions”. Now the two did it the third time, having roped in famous drummer Kenny Aronoff, and the new album which fuses the “Iommi” grunge edge with Hughes’ funky business is called, er, “Fused”. It’ll see the light of day on July 12th and will get the trio on the road, once Tony’s though with SABBATH’s Ozzfest commitment.

1. Dopamine
2. Wasted Again
3. Saviour Of The Real
4. Resolution Song
5. Grace
6. Deep Inside A Shell
7. What You’re Living For
8. Face Your Fear
9. The Spell
10. I Go Insane


Beating the bootleggers all trumps, Steve Hackett sends his fans another concert recording. “Live Archive 05”, out on June 6th, has been committed to tape at London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall this April, when the guitarist toured with his flautist brother John and Roger King on keyboards as the acoustic trio. Similar in format to 2003’s "Hungarian Horizons", it features new material, off this year’s guitar-and-orchestra “Metamorpheus” album as well as many a classic track, including those by GENESIS.

CD 1:
1. Intro
2. Japonica
3. Andante In C
4. Tribute To Segovia
5. Metamorpheus excerpts
6. Bay Of Kings
7. Classical Jazz
8. Sapphires
9. Mexico City
10. Black Light
11. Skye Boat Song
12. Pease Blossom
13. Horizons
CD 2:
14. Intros
15. Jacuzzi
16. Bacchus
17. Firth Of Fifth
18. Improv
19. The Red Flower Of Tai Chi
Blooms Everywhere
20. Hands of The Priestess
21. After The Ordeal
22. Hairless Heart
23. M3
24. Imagining
25. Second Chance
26. Jazz On A Summer’s Night
27. Next Time Around
28. Kim
29. Avant Derniere Pensees
30. The Journey
31. Ace Of Wands
32. Walking Away From Rainbows
33. Gnossiennes No. 1

Of more interest for many, though – and available for pre-ordering, signed, from Steve’s own online shop – is a DVD called “Spectral Mornings”, a concert filmed for German TV’s famous “Musikladen” show in November 1978 and now to be released in its entirety. Here’s the classic line-up of the Hackett band, in which brothers H were joined by vocalist Pete Hicks, keyboard player Nick Magnus, Dik Cadbury on bass and John Shearer on drums. The thing to not be missed!

1. Please Don’t Touch
2. Racing In A
3. Ace Of Wands
4. Narnia
5. Tower Struck Down/Spectral Mornings
6. Kim (Acoustic Section)
7. Shadow Of The Hierophant / Clocks / The Angel Of Mons
Bonus Tracks
8. Carry On Up The Vicarage
9. Introduction Of The Band Members
10. Star Of Sirius

May 15, 2005

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