May 15, 2012


Having recently released “Kisses On The Bottom” to reconnect with his past, Paul McCartney has set wheels in motion towards the future and is recording, between live commitments, another original album. Which seemingly doesn’t play out too well that’s why Giles Martin, a producer son of Sir George, has called to help – and hasn’t been given an answer yet – so its release date is pushed to 2013. Or so they say. More obvious reason for the move might lie in the fact that, after the collectors’ edition of “Ram” that sees the light of day next week, the same treatment awaits WINGS’ “Venus And Mars”“At The Speed Of Sound”“Wings Over America” and the “Rockshow” DVD around Christmas time. In such difficult times, money-wise, Macca’s giving his fans’ credits a nice run.


There are many links between THE BEATLES and Bournemouth. The Fab Four played more shows at the southern city’s “Gaumont” than in any other UK theatre outside London, and they frequented the town where John Lennon’s Aunt Mimi lived since 1965 on many occasions. Some of these had been documented not only in print but also on photos by Harry Taylor which are corralled now, together with the text establishing the connections and joining the dots, in Nick Churchill’s book “Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Beatles & Bournemouth”. An appropriately fabulous read, it adds many an interesting page to the story that, seemingly, has been told in its entirety many times. Expect review here, and be sure to check the writer’s blog.


With acoustic textures more and more prominent on Elton John‘s latest releases, as it was in times of yore, many fans have been eagerly waiting for his new album,“The Diving Board”, written with Reg’s regular partner-in-crime Bernie Taupin and recorded under T-Bone Burnett’s guidance with only bassist Raphael Saadiq and drummer Jay Bellerose for a band. But, scheduled for this fall, it is delayed until February 2013, “due to promotional time frames and related marketing opportunities”. A pity – yet the fever pitch is going to be ever higher for that reason. Just look at the titles:
1. Oscar Wilde Gets Out
2. A Town Called Jubilee
3. Can’t Stay Alone Tonight
4. My Quicksand
5. Candlelit Bedroom
6. The Ballad Of Blind Tom
7. The New Fever Waltz
8. 5th Avenue
9. Mexican Vacation (Kids In The Candlelight)
10. The Diving Board

May 15, 2012

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