May 16th, 2011


Another month being spent fighting against constraints of time, but it’d be cruel not to report the passing of four rock heroes…

Just as the punk world mourned the death of Ari Shine, she was followed to the great gig in the sky, on April 25, aged 53, by Poly Styrene of X-RAY SPECS, one of the most intelligent bands who emerged from the English spiky movement and were on the rise again as of late.

Then, Phoebe Snow who worked with creme de la creme of great musicians and was a great warbler herself. Having notched a hit with “Poetry Man”, in 1975, her first album was a classic as were her vocal contribution to Paul Simon’s records. She’s been battling the illness for some time but lost it on April 26th, aged 60.

Unlike the aforementioned ladies, Jack Richardson – who passed at 81 on May 13th – wasn’t so much a musician but a great knob-twiddler who had the Juno Award for “Producer of the Year” named in his honor. And that’s not for nothing for, without the man, THE GUESS WHO could have failed to deliver their “American Woman” and Alice Cooper to have “Love It To Death” to name but two Richardson’s credits, the addittional one being producing a son, Jack, who went on to shape the sound of the likes of RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE.

John Walker who left this world on April 5th, at 67, was the least prominent of THE WALKER BROTHERS as his solo career didn’t shoot high, unlike that of his faux siblings, yet he was an integral part of the trio he helped form.

All these people will be sorely missed: without them, this Earth became bleaker.


In September of 2010 Buddy Holly could have turned 75 if he didn’t die in 1959 aged 22. God only knows if the potential 75 is a cause of celebration, yet this year will see at least two tribute albums to the great man, both involving famous names and including, separately, Paul McCartney – who, by the way, is said to be working on the oldies’ record – and Ringo Starr.

The one with the Fab drummer on isn’t shaped yet, but it’s known that “Listen to Me: Buddy Holly” is produced by Peter Asher – the one of PETER AND GORDON and the old BEATLES’ friend – with Maria Elena Holly, Buddy’s widow. A partial list of contributions include: * Think It Over – Ringo Starr
* Listen To Me – Brian Wilson
* Not Fade Away – Stevie Nicks
* Words Of Love – Jeff Lynne
* Crying Waiting Hoping – Chris Isaak
* Well Alright – Lyle Lovett
* True Love Ways – Jackson Browne
* Looking For Someone To Love – Imelda May
* Everyday – Patrick Stump (FALL OUT BOY)
* Maybe Baby – Pat Monahan (TRAIN)
* Learning The Game – Natalie Merchant
* Take Your Time – THE FRAY

But the Macca-boasting collection, titled “Rave On Buddy Holly”, is ready now for a June 28th release, and here’s what’s and who’s on it:

1. Dearest – THE BLACK KEYS
2. Every Day – Fiona Apple & Jon Brion
3. It’s So Easy – Paul McCartney
4. Not Fade Away – Florence + THE MACHINE
5. (You’re So Square) Baby, I Don’t Care – Cee-Lo Green
6. Crying, Waiting, Hoping – Karen Elson
7. Rave On – Julian Casablancas
8. I’m Gonna Love You Too – Jenny O.
9. Maybe Baby -Justin Townes Earle
10. Oh Boy – SHE & HIM
11. Changing All Those Changes – Nick Lowe
12. Words Of Love – Patti Smith
13. True Love Ways – MY MORNING JACKET
14. That’ll Be The Day – MODEST MOUSE
15. Well…All Right – Kid Rock
16. Heartbeat – THE DETROIT COBRAS
17. Peggy Sue – Lou Reed
18. Peggy Sue Got Married – John Doe
19. Raining In My Heart – Graham Nash


Whilst  Bernie Marsden have seemed to bury hatchet with David Coverdale and is going to join WHITESNAKE on stage of Sweden Rocks in June, here’s another configuration of that band come up – in the wake of THE SNAKES, THE COMPANY OF SNAKES and M3 CLASSIC WHITESNAKE. They’re calledSNAKECHARMER and comprise Marsden’s partners in crime Micky Moody and 
Neil Murray on, respectively, slide guitar and bass, as well as guitarist Laurie Wisefield – who cut his teeth with HOME, shoot to fame with WISHBONE ASH and had a blast with Tina Turner on her latest tours – ex-THUNDER drummer Harry James, keyboard master Adam Wakeman, filling free time from Ozzy Osbourne’s gigs and Chris Ousey of HEARTLAND on vocals. The guys talk of new music but meanwhile play their classics.


May 20th will see the release of “Faster”, a long-anticipated album from Ken Hensley and his current band LIVE FIRE, a follow-up to the acclaimed faux-rock-opera "Blood On The Highway". Not possessed of a great voice now, Ken remains one of the best living melodists, so there must be a lot what to love.

1. Set Me Free (From Yesterday)
2. The Curse
3. I Cry Alone
4. Katrine
5. Faster
6. Slippin’ Away (The Lover’s Curse)
7. The End Of Never
8. Beyond The Starz
9. (At) The Last Minute
10. Somewhere (In Paradise)
11. Fill Your Head (With Rock)

May 16, 2011

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