May 2, 2002


THE NICE brief reunion at the Keith Emerson’s new album launch showed how many fans of the band there are. So here’s a reason for them to keep an eye – and archives – open, as quite soon a book on THE NICE will see the light of day. Entitled “Hang On To A Dream”, it’s to be published by Helter Skelter in August. The book, currently undergoing the third draft stage of editing, features lots of rare pictures and interviews with many of the key figures, among them PP Arnold, Ian Hague, Lee Jackson and Brian Davison – but not Emerson, who never care to reply to the author, Martyn Hanson.

In order for the book to be more exhaustive, Mr Hanson needs the complete list of the band’s live dates and asks those in the know to write to:
Martyn Hanson
167 Sladepool Farm Road
Maypole, Birmingham, B14 5EB


Paul McCartney added another regalia to his crown having become an honorary detective of the New York Police Department for the tribute concert he organised for the September 11th victims at the Madison Square Garden on October 20th. His honours Sir Paul received backstage at the same venue before his April 26th concert.

Still, much more concerned Macca was about the handwritten lyrics to ‘Hey Jude” that was to be auctioned at Christie’s on May 1st. Paul has won a High Court order and blocked the auction. The lyrics, he says, had disappeared from his home while a seller admits to have bought the artefact at Portobello Rd in London in the early ’70s. Now the lyric sheet will stay at Christie’s headquarters until ownership is established by trial or agreement.


It’s arguable whether this band is BAD COMPANY as, with only Paul Rodgers and Simon Kirke of the original line-up, they may as well have been called FREE. What’s out of question is that it’s from this four players we’ll see the first BAD CO DVD and a Rodgers-led live album. The material was recorded at The Paramount Theatre in Denver, Colorado and at The Grove in Anaheim, California during a short yet sell-out January tour. The famous singer and drummer pair play now in company of guitarist Dave “Bucket” Colwell, who was a part of the band for the good part of ’90s, and Rodgers’ sidekick Jaz Lochrie on bass.

The tracks recorded are gold classics and two new studio singles, the first fresh songs since 1999’s “Original Anthology”: “Joe Fabulous”, wriiten by Paul, and “Saving Grace” by Rodgers, Neal Schon and Geoff Whitehorn, a re-make of the songs debuted on the singer’s “Now” album. The DVD special features include behind the scenes footage, a photo gallery interviews and more. The release date is May 21st.


1. Burnin’ Sky
2. Can’t Get Enough
3. Feel Like Making Love
4. Rock Steady
5. Movin’ On
6. Deal With The Preacher
7. Ready For Love
8. Rock And Roll Fantasy
(with Beatles medley)
9. All Right Now
10. Bad Company
11. Silver, Blue And Gold
12. Shooting Star
13. Joe Fabulous
14. Saving Grace


1. Burnin’ Sky
2. Can’t Get Enough
3. Good Lovin Gone Bad
4. Feel Like Making Love
5. Rock Steady
6. Movin On
7. Seagull
8. Ready For Love
9. Deal With The Preacher
10. Rock And Roll Fantasy
(with Beatles medley)
11. All Right Now
12. Wishing Well
(with Slash and Neal Schon)
13. Bad Company
14. Silver, Blue And Gold
15. Run With The Pack
16. Shooting Star
17. Joe Fabulous (video version)


May 2, 2002

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