May 21, 2001


Ken Hensley announced that the HENSLEY-LAWTON BAND is no more and his co-work with John Wetton ended – exactly three weeks later they’re only live CD “The Return” is out.

Still no explanations, but Hensley has already formed a new, untitled at the moment, ensemble that he’s to appear with at the Sweden Rock Festival on June 8th.


Meanwhile, in URIAH HEEP camp everything looks bright and, while the band embarks on the USA leg of their tour, another live artefact is out, entitled “Electrically Driven”, thus, following the “Acoustically Driven” set released earlier in the year. The artwork is again submitted by Roger Dean. The two CD album presents the recording made on March 23rd, in London Astoria. And the tracklisting is:


  1. Return to Fantasy
  2. Universal Wheels
  3. Bird of Prey
  4. Stealin’
  5. Between Two Worlds
  6. I Hear Voices
  7. Come Away Melinda
  8. Circus (with Ian Anderson)
  9. Blind Eye (with Ian Anderson)
  10. Sunrise
  11. Gypsy
  12. July Morning
  13. Easy Livin’


Now it’s finally confirmed: the first “professional” tribute to URIAH HEEP called – you could guess! – “A Return To Fantasy” will be released on August 27th on Century Media Records.The performers come from metal area and they are:Strangely, no “Gypsy” at all. The liner notes, though, are written by Christof Mallet from German HEEP fanclub “Stay On Top”.

ANGEL DUST – “Easy Livin'”
LIEGE LORD – “Too Scared To Run”
Tad Morose – “Rainbow Demon”
Axel Rudi Pell – “July Morning”
NARNIA – “Sunrise”
FREEBASE – “Suicidal Man”
SACRED STEEL – “Return To Fantasy”
GAMMA RAY – “Look At Yourself”
NIGHTINGALE – “Stealin'”
Lana Lane – “Weep In Silence”
ONWARD – “Bird Of Prey”
EASY LIVIN’ – “Circle Of Hands”


DEEP PURPLE make their strut more and more adventurous. They, reportedly, accepted an invitation to perform in Modena, Italy on May 29th, as part of a “Pavarotti & Friends” show for the Afghanistan people benefit. Together with the most poular tenor in the world, Ian Gillan will sing Puccini’s “Nessun Dorma”.More on the regular ground, PURPLE, who can boast of biggest live catalogue for a band, now set to release another DVD and video under the title “New, Live & Rare”, spanning from 1984 to 2000. It will include:And here’s another DVD release in the pipeline – the show for it will be recorded on June 5th at Sunrise Musical Theatre, Miami.

Perfect Stranger (Nov. 1984)
Under The Gun (Nov. 1984)
Black Night (Sydney Dec. 1984)
Knocking At Your Back Door (Dec. 1984)
Nobody’s Home (USA May 1985)
Gypsy’s Kiss (France June 1985)
Space Truckin’ (USA July 1985)
Bad Attitude (Jan. 1987)
Call Of The Wild (Jan. 1987)
Hush (1988)King Of Dreams (1990)
Love Conquers All (1990)
Fire, Ice And Dynamite (1991)
Anya (Germany 1993)
Woman From Tokyo (Seoul Mar. 1995)
Purpendicular Waltz (India Apr. 1995)
Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming (1996)
Speed King (Moscow 1996)
Fireball (Sao Paolo 1997)
Bloodsucker (Jan. 1998)Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming (Live Jan. 1998)
No One Came (Live Feb. 1998)
When A Blind Man Cries (Live Feb. 1998)
Finger To The Bone (Live Nov. 1998)
Lazy (Live Nov. 1998)
Smoke On The Water (Live Apr. 1999)
Ted The Mechanic (Melbourne Park Apr. 1999)


Towards the end of year the QUEEN box set will be out, and some hints of the material to be included leaked through during the official fanclub convention.”Nevermore” – from BBC session of April 1974, alt. version with Mercury’s vocals, that go together with

“White Queen (As It Began)” – alt. version, with Freddie on vocal
“Too Much Love Will Kill You” – Mountain Studios November 1988, Mercury’s vocals, piano/synth strings – extended guitar solo more guitar at end
“Kashoggi’s Ship/Party” – Mountain Studios November 1988 – 4 different vocals in the mix from different versions available
“Ride The Wild Wind Instrumental” – Taylor’s guide vocal
“Headlong” – 1990 alt. version, guide vocal from May
“Invisible Man” – Taylor’s guide vocal
“Kashoggi’s Ship/Party” – Olympic Studios, Mercury’s guide vocal
“Man Made Paradise” – 50-second version
“Face It Alone” – Miracle sessions, 10-minutes unfinished song with Freddie singing
“Breakthru” – alt. version, 1988
“Feel Like” – rough early demo with Mercury’s vocals, which became “Under Pressure”, Bowie on piano.Very teasing – should be a must.

May 18, 2001

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