May 21, 2002


That’s the sad news. James Dewar, one of the greatest Scottish singers, passed away on May 16th, aged 59.

For many, Jimmy Dewar was the voice that gelled so pleasantly with Robin Trower’s guitar, and it’s with Trower that the vocalist found fame with, singing on the landmark albums “Twice Removed From Yesterday” and “Bridge Of Sighs”. Yet it’s Dewar’s voice and bass graced the STONE THE CROWES records, all of them, smoothing off Maggie Bell’s grit. His roll including work with another Scott, Frankie Miller, the only solo album Jimmy released – long after its recording – was “Stumbledown Romancer” produced by PROCOL HARUM’s Matthew Fisher.

James Dewar had been hospitalised for a few years after he had suffered brain haemorrhage and now succumbed to pneumonia. God bless his soul.


Robert Plant is busy promoting his upcoming album, “Dreamland”. Preparations include launching Percy’s own website at and a string of interviews. In Hamburg, on May 6th Robert’s path crossed with that of his old buddy, Paul Rodgers, who’s doing the same thing now with BAD COMPANY’s "Merchants Of Cool".

The singer’s tour starts on July 20th and there’ll be a date with THE WHO on August 4th but before that ZEPPELIN warbler is to make a guest appearance on PRIMAL SCREAM’s song “The Lord Is My Shotgun”, playing harmonica.


A good one for those who like EMERSON LAKE & PALMER very much but find trio’s “The Bootleg Series” a couple of CDs too many: there’s a compilation called“The Best Of The Bootlegs” on the way. It’s one’s guess which live version of a certain classic is best yet what’s on there:

1. Hoedown (13-8-1972, Saratoga Springs)
2. Knife Edge (1-9-1971, Gaelic Park NY)
3. Pictures At An Exhibition (28-6-1972, Long Beach Arena)
4. Take A Pebble / Lucky Man (28-6-1972, Long Beach Arena)
5. Tarkus (21-4-1972, Louisville Twon Hall)
6. Endless Enigma (13-8-1972, Saratoga)
7. Nutrocker (21-4-1972, Louisville Town Hall)
8. Jerusalem (26-3-1974, Henry Lewit Arena)
9. Pirates (30-11-1977, Civic Centre New Haven)
10. Karn Evil 9. 1st Impression (26-3-1974, Henry Lewit Arena)
11. Still You Turn Me On (26-7-1974, Rich Stadium Buffalo)
12. Barbarian (1-9-1971, Gaelic Park NY)
13. C’est La Vie (30-11-1977, Civic Centre New Haven)
14. Fanfare For The Common People (30-11-1977, Civic Centre New Haven)


Since George Harrison’s death, little was heard of Ringo Starr – until now, when KOCH Records, who released the drummer’s "The Anthology... So Far"“>, signed him for a new album to be out next spring. No details at the moment but the album may feature Paul McCartney and include a song written by George. In Ringo’s own words,“George had given me a few song demos and I’d like to do at least one of them. Mark [Hudson, co-producer] and I were even discussing bringing in Dhani to record it with us.”


There’s no man more active this year than evil ol’ Ozzy Osbourne. June 25 will see the release of his “Live At The Budokan” album recorded in Japan in February. With a DVD to follow, that’s what is on the CD:

1. I Don’t Know
2. That I Never Had
3. Believer
4. Junkie
5. Gets Me Through
6. No More Tears
7. I Don’t Want To Change The World
8. Road To Nowhere
9. Crazy Train
10. Mama I’m Coming Home
11. Bark At The Moon
12. Paranoid
13-14. studio bonus tracks

That’s from Ozzy himself but there are more Osbournes. On May 15th Sharon, Kelly and Jack Osbourne, plus their husband and father via satellite from UK, held a press conference in New York and announced June 11th as the release date for “The Osbourne Family Album” which will include the clan members’ favourite tunes that go like this:

1. Pat Boone – Crazy Train (the family neighbour’s version inspired the TV show theme)
2. Ozzy Osbourne – Dreamer
3. Kelly Osbourne – Papa Don’t Preach (Ozz’s daughter debut with a Madonna hit)
4. THE KINKS – You Really Got Me (a song which kickstarted Ozzy the rocker)
5. SYSTEM OF A DOWN – Snowblind (a SABBATH cover picked by Jack)
6. John Lennon – Imagine (a classic Ozzy and Sharon fell in love to)
7. THE CARS – Drive (Aimee Osbourne’s choice)
8. STARSAILOR – Good Souls (previously unreleased live version)
9. DILLUSION – Mirror Image (Jack’s band’s number)
10. Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight (parents Osbourne finetuning for a night on the town)
11. Ozzy Osbourne – Mama, I’m Coming Home
12. Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train
bonus track:
13. CHEVELLE – Family System

Yet it’s not that important compared to Ozzy being invited to sing “Paranoid” before the Queen at Buckingham Palace on June 3rd. Only a month away from the artist’s part in a dinner hosted by President Bush! On May 4th, Osbourne stood and bowed to be cheered by the audience of celebrities and journalists when the President’s slide show included a still of vice-president Cheney urinating on his Oval Office door – a joke poked at the lifelong ban for Ozzy to perform in Texas. The reason for the ban was Ozz pissing on the Alamo Memorial back in 1982. Though the frenzy the rocker made prompted Bush consider invitation a mistake, the President said he’s a fan of “The Osbournes” TV series.

And he’s not alone. Ozzy signed a $3 million-worth deal with Pocket Books for two “The Osbournes” books. One, a tie-in to the show, is to hit the shelves in November, while the second, a hardback family memoir, is penned in for a spring release.

Before that – and the show’s second run – there may be a cameo appearance of the Osbournes’ in “Austin Powers: Goldmember” movie to be premiered in July. It was Mike Myers himself who paid a visit to Ozzy’s house and asked the family if they would make it.

May 21, 2002

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