May 3, 2001


Mark Boals agreed to help Yngwie Malmsteen with the latter’s tour. Mark, who sang on the guitarist’s last album “War To End All Wars”, was the primal choice for touring but, having been busy with his project RING OF FIRE, had to decline the request. Now, when Jorn Lande, parted company with Malmsteen due to financial matters, Boals jumped the tour.

What about album, then? It’s finished and scheduled for release on July 25th, in time for Yngwie’s Japanese tour to begin. Mark’s participation in it may cause serious damage to the album sales and tour. But who knows. Yes, RING OF FIRE’s album is titled “The Oracle”. The one who knows…


The DEEP PURPLE’s “Bootleg Series” continues! While the first box set contained live recordings from 1984 to 2000, the one in the pipeline spans the period between 1968 and 1975.Purple Records say they will print accurate details as well as the notes and original sleeve art where appropriate.

The CDs will be subject to extensive digital restoration and several tape collectors are helping to ensure that the best source is used. These official bootlegs will be available to everyone but only via mail-order.

The first release is “Space Vol. 1 & 2”, a recording made at an open air festival in Aachen, Germany, on July 11th, 1970.

Moreover, there should be another issue of the “Bootleg Series” which will include live cuts from this March tour as well as the recordings of concerts with orchestra and Ronnie Dio.

May 3, 2001

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