May 31, 2008


It should have happened one day and it’s happening right now. Mario Parga and Tony Martin have played together in the late line-up of COZY POWELL’S HAMMER – that’s when Cozy and Tony, plus Neil Murray took a break from BLACK SABBATH – and kept in touch ever since. So June 27th will see the download, CD and even vinyl release of the vocal version of “Spirit Of Night”, a gem of Mario’s "Entranced" album. There’ll be a video shot for the song in August, right before Martin and Parga will start work on the debut album of their new group, SAVAGE PARADISE, that also feature former CINDERELLA drummer Kevin Valentine and ALCATRAZZ bassist Tim Luce. What they lack is a keyboard player, so auditions are to be held in Los Angeles later in the year. Expect the interviews with Mario and Tony any day soon.


There’s been already two versions of YES‘ 35 Anniversary DVD, "YesSpeak" and “Yes Acoustic”, the former featuring a 3-hour film consisting mostly of interviews and some live footage, while the latter presented a theatrical 1.5-hour version plus an acoustic performance beamed by satellite to the cinemas right after the “YesSpeak” screening. Now, there’s a time for the third take, “Yes – The Director’s Cut”. This limited edition DVD features the footage from the 2003 world tour that didn’t make into the original edit, including the show from Birmingham and Glastonbury. This time it’s the songs that’s in the focus, in all their full-length glory, and some behind-the-scenes peek-ins will do nicely too. The tracks which are to be on are:

Siberian Khatru
Don’t Kill The Whale
In The Presence Of
We Have Heaven
South Side Of The Sky
And You And I
To Be Over / Clap
Show Me
Rick Wakeman Solo
Heart Of The Sunrise
Long Distance Runaround
The Fish
I’ve Seen All Good People

May 31, 2008

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