May 7, 2001


N-M-C Music secured the deals for a new batch of great rare material that is to see the light of day in the near future. So what we’ll have?

A concert recorded in Boston in 1977 on the “Roaring Silence Tour”. Digitally remastered from the original U.S. radio show series.
“The Road To Babylon”, “Spirits In The Night”, “Davy’s On The Road Again”, “Time Is Right”, “Father Of Day, Father Of Night”, “Brother, Why Are You Here”, “Blinded By The Light”, “The Mighty Quinn”.

ASIA “Asia In Asia”
The concert at the Budokan in Tokyo, Japan, in 1983 was recorded for MTV and presents the short-lived line-up of Geoff Downes (there’s an interview with him in the booklet), Carl Palmer, Steve Howe and Greg Lake.
“The Heat Goes On”, “Here Comes The Feeling”, “Eye To Eye”, “Only Time Will Tell”, “Open Your Eyes”, “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes”, “Wildest Dreams”, “Heat Of The Moment”, “Sole Survivor”..

Eric Burdon “Comeback”
A double CD set of ultra-rare tracks recorded for the film “Comeback” where Eric had the lead role. Artwork features stills from the movie and segments of the original script with Eric’s comments.
Disc 1: “The Road”, “Wall Of Silence”, “Wicked Wicked Man”, “Crawling King Snake”, “No More Elmore”, “Devil’s Daughter”, “It Hurts Me Too”, “Streetwalker”, “Take It Easy”, “Bird On A Beach”, “Lights Out”, “Kill My Body – You Can’t Kill My Spirit”, “Do You Feel It?”, “Who Gives A Fuck?”, “Sweet Blood – Louisiana Red”, “Comeback”, “House of The Rising Sun” (Live)
Disc 2: “Crawling King Snake”, “Dey Won’t”, “Power Company”, “Heart Attack” (Live, Florentine Gdns, L.A.), “Boom Boom” (Live, Metropol Berlin, 1981), “Don’t Bring Me Down”, “It Hurts Me Too”, “No More Elmore”, “I’m Crying”, “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”, “The Royal Canal”.

Donovan “Neutronica”
For the first time on CD, with 6 unreleased bonus tracks not to be found on the vinyl release Donovan’s backed by STONE THE CROWES
“Ship Wreck”, “Only To Be Expected”, “Coming To You”, “Neutron”, “No Hunger”, “Me Me I Love You”, “Heights Of Alma”, “No Mans Land (Green Field Of France)”, “Madrigalinda”, “We Are One”, “Harmony”, “Shipwrecked” (alt. mix), “Only To Be Expected” (acoustic), “Neutron” (live), “Madrigalinda”, “Heights Of Alma” (alt. version), “Universal Soldier” (live).

Bob Marley “Natty Rebel”
Deluxe 2CD set re-compiled from the archives of Marley’s manager. None of The Wailers self productions between both volumes have been released outside Jamaica. Comprehensive packaging contsins rare interview with Marley.
Disc One, produced by Johnny Nash and Arthur Jenkins, 1968. Disc Two, produced by Leslie Kong, The Wailers and Bunny Lee, 1970.

ROXY MUSIC “Concerto”
The concert from the “Manifesto” tour of 1979 with the line-up of Bryan Ferry, Phil Manzanera, Paul Thompson, Andy Mackay, Gary Tibbs and David Skinner.
Disc 1. “Manifesto”, “Angel Eyes”, “Trash”, “Out Of The Blue”, “A Song For Europe”, “Still Falls The Rain”, “Ain’t That So”, “Stronger Through The Years”, “Ladytron”, “In Every Dream Home A Heartache”
Disc 2. “Love Is The Drug”, “Do The Strand”, “Remake Remodel”, “Dance Away”, “Sentimental Fool”, “For Your Pleasure”, “Mother Of Pearl” (bonus), “Editions Of You” (bonus).

John Wetton “Anthology”
The collection features the tracks written and recorded by John during his solo career after service in KING CRIMSON, ASIA, UK etc.
“Caught in the Crossfire”, “Have You Seen Her Tonight”, “Battle Lines”, “Jane”, “The Circle of St. Giles”, “The Last Thing On My Mind”, “Desperate Times”, “Cold Is The Night”, “Paper Talk”, “Suzanne”, “Round In Circles”, “Crime Of Passion”, “I’ll Be There”, “Emma”, “Space and Time”, “After All”.

Expect the reviews later on in the here.

May 7, 2001

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