May 8, 2000


One of the greatest songwriters ever, Otis Blackwell, died on May 5th, aged 70. Blackwell left a legacy of more than 1,000 including “Don’t Be Cruel”, “Return To Sender” and “All Shook Up” written for Elvis Presley, “Great Balls Of Fire” and “Breathless” for Jerry Lee Lewis, “Home In Your Heart” for Otis Redding and many many more hits. A great loss, indeed.

DME recommendation: “Brace Yourself. A Tribute To Otis Blackwell” featuring Debbie Harry, Paul Rodgers, Tom Verlaine and others.


For the first time in their 40-years career, THE ROLLING STONES go on the road without a new album to promote, which won’t diminish a number of punters who will attend the band’s 2002-2003 North American tour. 32 dates were announced on May 7th at a press conference in New York. Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ron Wood and Charlie Watts, who arrived in a yellow zeppelin with the STONES’ trademark mouf ‘n’ lips that flew around northern NYC for 20 minutes, said the tour starts on September 5th in Boston. The venues will vary from stadiums and arenas to theaters and clubs, with different set lists performed at each type of venue and different set designs.

The reason for the tour, as Mick Jagger revealed, wasn’t only the ensemble’s anniversary but a social issue too, “Either we stay home and be pillars of the community or we tour. We couldn’t find a community that needed pillars.” Anyway, there will be a two-CD anthology released before they go off with some new songs which will be recorded by the end of May.


The emotional core of the MOJO magazine 100th issue celebration this January laid in a Brian Wilson‘s performance at the Royal Festival Hall, while the heart of the Beach Boy set was a live rendition of the legendary “Pet Sounds”” album in its entirely. A miss for those who didn’t chance to be there, “Pet Sounds Live” is to be released on May 27th documenting the winter’s show. Tracks, in case anyone forgot it, go like this:
Wouldn’t It Be Nice, You Still Believe In Me, That’s Not Me, Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder), I’m Waiting For The Day, Let’s Go Away For A While, Sloop John B, God Only Knows, I Know There’s An Answer, Here Today, I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times, Pet Sounds, Caroline No.

This June Brian will turn 60, as well as his melodic rival Paul McCartney. Both composers are to take part at the forthcoming Queen’s Golden Jubilee celebrations. Deservedly.


On July 16th, the day before YES classic line-up go on tour, “In A Word: Yes (1969 – )” will hit the shelves. The most definitive retrospective including 55 remastered tracks ranging from the first band’s album to the last, was produced by Steve Howe with a help from his mates and Rhino’s David McLees. 5 CD box is more valuable for six previously unreleased tracks: “Tango”, “Never Done Before”, “Richard” and “Backing Track 2” (1979’s recordings by Steve Howe, Chris Squire and Alan White), “Fist Of Fire” (alternate take from the 1989’s ABWH sessions), and “Last Train” (out-take from 2001’s “Magnification” album). Adorned with – who else?- Roger Dean artwork the package boasts also an 80-page booklet with Chris Welch-written liner notes, an essay from YES expert Bill Martin and a handful of tributes from the likes of Geddy Lee and Cameron Crowe.

May 8, 2000

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