MC5’s Final Shot Is Ready For Guest-Infested Release

There was no official word on the matter, yet it’s safe to announce that MC5 ceased to exist. With Wayne Kramer passing in February of this year and Dennis Thompson’s demise less than a month ago, none of the classic line-up members are left to steer the ensemble further. However, the last two found the strength to come up – or, rather, the former came up and the latter joined the fun – the band’s third, and final, studio album. “Heavy Lifting” that follows 1970 “Back In The USA” and “High Time” from 1971 will be out on October 18th.

Outlined by Kramer during the pandemic, this Bob Ezrin-produced record features quite a few prominent fans, mainly in the guitar department. These include Slash, Tom Morello and Vernon Reid, so the results are righteously hefty, as the record’s title suggests, but the pure group’s essence can be sampled on a bonus disc – available with both CD and vinyl versions of the platter – which represents their concert performance.

MC5 –
Heavy Lifting

1. Heavy Lifting (feat. Tom Morello)
2. Barbarians At The Gate
3. Change, No Change
4. The Edge Of The Switchblade (feat. Wiliam Duvall & Slash)
5. Black Boots (feat. Tim McIlrath)
6. I Am The Fun (The Phoney)
7. Twenty-Five Miles
8. Because Of Your Car
9. Boys Who Play With Matches
10. Blind Eye (feat. Dennis Thompson)
11. Can’t Be Found (feat. Vernon Reid & Dennis Thompson)
12. Blessed Release
13. Hit It Hard (feat. Joe Berry)

Bonus CD – live:
1. Ramblin’ Rose
2. Kick Out The Jams
3. Come Together
4. Motor City Is Burning
5. Borderline
6. Gotta Keep Movin’
7. Future/Now
8. Poison
9. Shakin’ Street
10. Sister Anne

June 5, 2024

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